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4956Re: [albanach] Correct term confirmation?

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  • Diana Cosby
    Dec 20, 2010
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      Cathal wrote:

      >>~Hi Cathal, as you saw, I was trying to weave a mix of both for a
      >>'taste' of the medieval setting. For guidance I used the photo at:
      >>Do you think it's best to keep it simple and say, "Framed with a
      >>blue, an azure swath complimented by three white stars?" My sincere
      >>thanks for any insight. Happy Holidays!
      >How about 'on a field of deepest blue, three silver stars'?
      ~I like that, clean, states it clearly. I'll use something to that
      effect, my sincere thanks. The stars are silver? They looked white
      from the picture. My sincere thanks for everything!

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