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4829Music--St Mungo/Kentigern

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  • caellainn_ferat
    Apr 25, 2008
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      My choir is planning a concert tour themed around St Mungo (aka St
      Kentigern) and we've been asked to come up with music that would fit
      this theme even broadly. Since St Mungo is a 6th century Scottish
      (well, ok, it wasn't "Scotland" then so Strathclyde with ties to the
      Lothians, Fife, Rheged, etc...) saint, I hoped someone here might have
      some ideas. I've already found a 12th century Breviary with a mass for
      St Kentigern that could yield some fun plain chant. So I guess at this
      point I'm looking for things that more people would consider "fun"
      (you know some people actually consider plain chant to be boring? go

      Our directors are taking the theme very broadly (out of desperation)
      and thus songs from any of the places St Mungo is said to have visited
      (nearly anywhere in Scotland, Northumbria, Wales, Rome) is also fair
      game. Also songs with lyrics relating to the famous stories of St
      Mungo (fish with or without a ring, tree, bird, bell) would work.

      We mostly do historical music, but it's not strictly period, so if you
      know something that fits the general style/theme, let me know.

      You can post here or just email me privately.


      Caelainn ingen Ferat