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4251Re: [albanach] Lady Catte McGuffee's garb

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  • Muirghein
    Oct 1, 2005
      At 02:30 PM 10/1/05, you wrote:
      >Dear Lady Catte McGuffee,
      > "The classic peasant blouse with plaid overskirt and corset," may
      >indeed be correct. BUT if you are looking at the SCA you should be
      >researching the clothing of the MINOR NOBILITY not that of a peasant.
      >The members of the SCA consider themselves minor nobility. So that will
      >direct your recreational research in a slightly different direction.
      >The influence of France and French fashions should be considered
      >perhaps more than English influences. Just something to consider.
      >Lord Johan de Foderingeye (in the SCA)
      >Dave , otherwise

      The top/skirt/corset combo is indeed way off for that early in the
      1300s. You're looking at things more like cotehardies and sideless
      surcoats in England and points south at that era. This is a
      fiendishly hard time to research, as most stuff is either late 1200s
      or later in the 1300s. At least, that was my experience trying to
      have authentic garb for a Highlander in 1326. I found nothing for the
      Highlands, nothing useable for Ireland (the usual place Scottish
      Gaels are told to look at for the era), and precious little anywhere
      else in the British Isles. The surcoat look was the best I could do
      in balancing something that was reasonably accurate with something I
      was willing to be seen in public in ;-), justified by our clan having
      trade relations that would explain us knowing the latest fashions.

      Skimming my bookmarks:

      Those should help for a start :-).

      In Service,
      Baintighearna Muirghein Dhaire Faoilciarach /|\
      Dreiburgen Web Minister http://www.dreiburgen.org
      (any posts to e-mail lists do not reflect official
      opinions unless specifically stated otherwise)
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