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  • Toni aka Catte
    Oct 1 1:03 PM
      Hi my name is Lady Catte McGuffee, MKA Toni McEvoy. I am a new member
      and looking forward to joining into your wonderful group.

      I play in SCA but my lineage is also Scottish. I am trying to
      research costume (garb) for a female about the time of Robert the
      Bruce (I know that the Bruce chartered the castle of Drum to my
      ancestors in 1323, so that would be a pretty cool time to shoot for).
      I also know that the classic peasant blouse with plaid overskirt and
      corset (typically thought of as "Scottish" clothing) is probably WAY
      off. I have resently lost a LARGE amount of weight and have to totally
      remake all of my garb. I would like at least one or two pieces as
      authentic as possible (style wise - no I do not want to shear a sheep
      and weave my own material). Any help or advice would be greatly


      Lady Catte McGuffee
      Toni aka Cat =^o^=
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