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3053Re: [albanach] Research Advice

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  • Matthew Newsome
    Mar 5, 2003
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      JLFisher wrote:

      > I have found information that says its a sept of MacLane, but also of
      > MacNaughton, which is a bit confusing to me I guess.
      > I apologize for being new *sigh*

      I don't have time to go find my references to give you a detailed
      answer, but the long and short of it is that MacCracken and MacNaughton
      basically represent Anglicized forms of the same Gaelic names -- hence
      the reason MacCracken is always listed as a "sept" of MacNaughton in
      those clan reference books.

      When I get some more time on my hands I'll show you what the Gaelic
      roots are and how both names come from that.


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