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2975Re: [albanach] buchanan/albanach revisted one last time

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  • Fionna de Buchanan
    Dec 4, 2002
      Just wondering if you'd had a spare moment to look at this question - you did say to remind you <Grin>!
      Thanks, Fionna & Moira
      "Sharon L. Krossa" <skrossa-ml@...> wrote:At 9:25 AM -0800 11/4/02, Fionna wrote:
      >Sharon - I'm appending the long question and reply e-mail between
      >you and my sister Moira for your reference at the end.

      I did get the emails -- I'm working on the question... If you don't
      hear from me this month, email me again to remind me.

      (BTW, that goes for anyone who has asked me a question, either on
      this list or privately -- if you don't hear back from me after a
      month, email me a reminder. Sometimes I loose track of responses I
      owe, especially if they take more than quick lookup to answer. I
      don't mind being poked once a month or so until I get the answer out
      -- I encourage it, as it helps me clear out my To Do List ;-)

      Sharon, ska Euphrick
      Sharon L. Krossa, skrossa-ml@...

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