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Who else is running for Governor ? Sarah Palin

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  • Margaret Diann
    NEWS RELEASE Palin Makes Run for Governor Official June 1, 2006, Anchorage, Alaska —Sarah Palin officially filed as a Republican candidate for Governor today
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      Palin Makes Run for Governor Official


      June 1, 2006, Anchorage, Alaska —Sarah Palin officially filed as a Republican candidate for Governor today at the Division of Elections.


      "It's time for our state to look ahead and think big," Palin said. "The front windshield is bigger than the rear view mirror, and we have many major issues to resolve and a gas pipeline to build."

      Palin declared her candidacy on October 18, Alaska Day, before any other Republican candidate joined the race for Governor, declaring, "It is time to take a stand and put Alaskans first".  She has been an outspoken critic of Gov. Murkowski's Canadian gasline deal and wants to see entities compete for Alaska's natural gas so Alaskans get the most value for their resources. Palin said she is committed to putting Alaskans to work on the gas line and wants provisions in any gas deal for Alaska hire and North Slope gas to energize Alaska's homes and businesses first.

      From day one, Palin's campaign has centered on transparency in state government and on crafting a more fiscally conservative state budget. Palin said her top priorities—education and public safety—come from her commitment to put the people of Alaska first, ahead of any outside special interests.

      "We're so rich in natural and human resources," Palin said. "It's time to prioritize for the people and let them be the first to benefit from the wealth we own."

      Jeff Lowenfels, local author, master gardener, and gasline expert, has compared Palin to Jay Hammond, who also was a champion of putting Alaskans first.   "I had the privilege of working with Jay Hammond," said Lowenfels, "and Sarah Palin is this generation's Jay Hammond."

       "With Sarah on the Republican slate against two party darlings, it will be fun to see what Randy Ruedrich does," said Wayne Anthony Ross, a former gubernatorial candidate and another Palin supporter. According to Ross, Ruedrich, as chair of the Alaska Republican Party, has been a strong supporter of Binkley's campaign.


      "Now that Murkowski is in the race and Sarah the clear favorite in the only balanced poll so far, the one conducted by Dittman, Ruedrich will need to play his Republican horses very carefully if he is going to help his party stay in the Governor's mansion."


      Palin for Governor

      "Take A Stand."
    • Margaret Diann
      Here is a letter Sarah sent to the Anchorage Times recently. We don t think they will publish it so we ve decided to email it to everyone.
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        Here is a letter Sarah sent to the Anchorage Times recently.  We don't think they will publish it so we've decided to email it to everyone.
        ______________________________ _________________
        From: sarah
        June 02, 2006
        reply to Jenkins' comment

        Dear Editor,


        As an observer of state government, surely you were paying more attention during the 2003 GOP scandal starring boss Randy Ruedrich. You wrote in today's editorial that I earned the enmity of the Republican party bosses for "snitching out its chief" for using state equipment to run the Republican party while Ruedrich and I worked at the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.


        Ruedrich was fined the largest ethics violation amount in state history for leaking confidential attorney-client priviledge information to a gas company that our agency was regulating. That violates law. I was the chairman of AOGCC, and was Ruedrich's ethics supervisor. I was not going to let the integrity of this quasi-judicial agency go down the toilet by allowing the many questionable actions of a political appointment (who also happened to be the GOP boss) go unchecked. The reputation and work product of the professionals at AOGCC are too important to Alaska to succumb to pressure from a party boss, and the Governor, and merely turn a blind eye to the illegal leaks.


        As Ruedrich was investigated by the Dept. of Law, Murkowski promised to set the record straight and publicly explain the situation to Alaskans so the integrity of AOGCC, which regulates 20% of the U.S. domestic supply of energy, would be restored. Murkowski broke that promise, instead sided with Ruedrich and embraced him as "a survivor". To this day, rumors persist about that scandal because Murkowski never did set the record straight, as evidenced by your erroneous editorial.


        I'm the only Republican candidate who stood up to Ruedrich and Murkowski when many other Alaskans observed obvious unethical actions and stupendous efforts to take our state in the wrong direction.  I did so at personal cost, including leaving a $124,000-year top-level state job, long before deciding to run for Governor, not when it was just politically expedient as we now see with other candidates.


        You have the wrong candidate when writing of being "lightweight". It was Johne Binkley, on record just months ago, stating he believes Murkowski was doing a fine job and couldn't think of anything on which he disagreed with him. 


        I stood shoulder to shoulder with Govs. Hammond and Hickel last year, championing the people's Alaskan gasline project because I'm deeply concerned about Murkowski's gasline deal locking up our resources in anticompetitive monopolies for decades. I'll keep debating until Alaskans' collective voice is heard and a better product results.


        So why would I have backbone to challenge the GOP boss and the Governor then, but be considered by you a "lightweight" now?


        Sen. Ben Stevens recently berated me for speaking out and speaking up, oddly proclaiming I wasn't just running against Binkley, but was running against himself, GOP boss Randy Ruedrich and Murkowski. It sounded like a good ol' boy challenge, much like your editorial did.  


        Sarah Palin

        Former Chair, Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

        Republican Candidate for Governor




        Palin for Governor

        "Take A Stand."
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