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Comics 101: Greyshirt Primer + Comics Reporter: Joe Casey

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  • Franz Fuchs
    Scott Tipton has the following in the Best of 2005 edition of his ... BEST GOODBYE: A Greyshirt Primer, from TOMORROW STORIES SPECIAL #1 Alan Moore takes the
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      Scott Tipton has the following in the "Best of 2005" edition of his
      "Comics 101":

      BEST GOODBYE: A Greyshirt Primer, from TOMORROW STORIES SPECIAL #1

      Alan Moore takes the opportunity to say goodbye to the departed grand
      master of comic books, Will Eisner, with his and Rick Veitch’s
      breathtaking A Greyshirt Primerin the recent TOMORROW STORIES special,
      by paying tribute to one of Eisner’s trademark stories, A Crime Primer,
      with this marvelous ABC book, which follows Greyshirt and a very
      familiar-looking comic-book artist on Greyshirt’s nightly patrol.

      As the alphabet couplets sing the virtues of Will Eisner’s life and
      career, they also highlight the goings on in the accompanying frame all
      the while, the frames carry on a panel-to-panel continuity that follows
      the artist back to the Spirit’s traditional hideout in Wildwood
      Cemetery, a base of operations that’s now decidedly bittersweet. Along
      the way, the art is littered with references to Eisner’s work:
      everything from Gerhard Shnobble to P’Gell to THE BUILDING to Ebony
      White can be found. Moore’s ability to make each and every page serve
      multiple purposes is astounding, and he makes it look so easy.

      Look at the way the letters R, S and T so subtly dovetail with the art.
      And Moore’s gift for verse has never been so warmly and emotionally

      A big thanks to Alan Moore and Rick Veitch for putting into words what
      so many of us felt about Will Eisner, and giving us all one more moment
      to say goodbye.

      For the three Greyshirt pages that Scott chose as examples, see:


      Comics 101 is an amazingly diligent labour of love (though it could be
      more acurately called "Superheroes 101"). My favourite installment is
      probably the three-parter about Mark Gruenwald:


      You might also be interested in the long Joe Casey interview that Comics
      Reporter (Tom Spurgeon) posted today:


      Best regards
      Franz Fuchs
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