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20058Where does this come from?

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  • loopyjoedcp
    Nov 18, 2013
      I have uploaded an update to the transcription project which takes us up to 1994 and I've begun looking at 1995, and already have a query:

      I have a text file written by Alan about the Birth Caul project. It begins "The root of Art is distant and obscure." and ends with "It is upon this principle of something out of nothing that all our creative processes, all art and sorcery, are founded."

      I'm hoping someone out there knows where it came from originally. I know where I got it from - http://www.locusplus.org.uk/am.html - but it's no longer there. The page survives, however, at archive.org where I find that the piece is simply called "Essay". The text is also available at http://gorgmorg.de/page/256/

      It doesn't appear to come from the CD or from the comic. My best guess is some kind of brochure produced for the event (which was held on Moore's birthday, by the way, 18 years ago today - happy birthday, Alan!) or possibly this item as listed on the archive.org site:

      LOCUS+ 1993 - 1996
      120pp (135 b&w). Anthology of 28 artist's projects (including some of the above). Artist's statements, contextual texts, extensive photographic documentation. Foreword by Stuart Morgan. ISBN 899377 06 9
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