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19982Re: The Emperors of Ice Cream 78-79

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  • JosephC
    Sep 11, 2013
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      Agreed. One would assume that if Alan Moore-Junkie were going to confuse Moore's band with another art form, he'd confuse it with a poem. However, even if Alan Moore-Junkie were unfamiliar with obscure Moore, missing the bibliography in The Extraordinary Works of Alan Moore as well as missing the Sinister Ducks and the Avatar versions of "Old Gangsters Never Die," all he had to do was follow the link and read the page which makes it clear in the beginning that it was a band founded by Alan Moore. That post by Bauhaus Gig Guide about the Emperors of Ice Cream was an amazing, well-researched post and one of the reasons to be a member of this mailing list. Alan Moore-Junkie reminds me of Shakespeare-Junkie, who tried to ban all academic scholarship on Two Noble Kinsmen because he claimed no one can answer questions about its authorship besides Shakespeare and Fletcher. ;-)

      --- In alanmoore@yahoogroups.com, Pádraig Ó Méalóid <pomealoid@...> wrote:
      > I completely agree. There's no pace in this list for someone who acts that way. Not only that, but he seems not to have heard of the band that AM was in, and thinks the poster is talking about a novel of that name instead. He could at least marshall his acts before he goes on the assault. <br/><br/>Sent from Yahoo! Mail for iPad
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