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19973Re: J.B. Kronk

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  • JosephC
    Sep 9, 2013
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      It is very common to ask why people believe a certain author used
      a certain pseudonym and wrote a certain story. The belief came from somewhere. If no one on this list knows where the belief came from that's fine, and I'll ask again in another eight years, but I have no way of knowing that unless I ask since I am not clairvoyant. The best chance to find someone who has an idea where the belief comes from is on this list. I believe George Khourey is a member of this list, and he may know something about it since he put it in his book. He had to get it from somewhere.

      --- In alanmoore@yahoogroups.com, Alan Moore-Junkie <alanmoore.junkie@...> wrote:
      > I don't think this is really a question that can be answered by anyone who isn't Alan Grant or Alan Moore. I mean we can read the comic and speculate they certainly have different styles, but none of us have ever held positions of power over at 2000 AD and thus we really don't have the sort of inside information that would allow us to answer this question in any direct or meaningful way. . . Unless someone here is a clairvoyant and they haven't fessed up yet? In which case We are Waiting!
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