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Question About Evolution From Roger Reid

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  • Ashley
    A basic understanding of evolution by natural selection, does it matter? Or to put it another way, Who cares? Or, So what? And, What difference does it
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      A basic understanding of evolution by natural selection, does it matter?

      Or to put it another way, "Who cares?"

      Or, "So what?"

      And, "What difference does it make?"

      I may not understand general relativity; that doesn't stop me from using the GPS on my cell phone. So what's the big deal if I or my children or my elected officials don't "get" evolution?

      Discovering Alabama has for a couple of years been collecting conversations on the subject of evolution. The ALLELE series has given us a wonderful opportunity to record on-camera, one-on-one chats with the speakers as they come to campus. Additionally, when doing interviews for the series, we often change the subject to evolution. We now have many, many hours, of these recordings and are ready to move to the next phase of production.

      This collection of conversations does not readily fit into the classic Discovering Alabama format. Our first order of business will be how to organize them into a format that will work for television and web-based broadcast. After that we will begin the search for funding to complete the project.

      The subject line question, "Why is this important?" may seem a bit broad, but your answer to that question will help us focus on the most important part of any production: our audience.

      We look forward to hearing from you and will keep you posted as to our progress.

      And, please, feel free to forward this to others you think might like to contribute.



      Roger Reid

      Discovering Alabama

      Alabama Museum of Natural History

      The University of Alabama

      Box 870340

      Tuscaloosa, AL 35487

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