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FW: Award Received by Martin T. Oliff

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      This message arrived too late to go into the newsletter.
      Congratulations, Marty! Kudos.

      Lisa Baldwin

      Martin T. Olliff, assistant archivist for electronic media in the
      Archives and Manuscripts Department of the Ralph B. Draughon Library at
      Auburn University, Alabama, received the Society of Georgia Archivists
      David B. Gracy II Award. The Provenance editorial board selected
      Olliff's article, "Documenting Industry and Labor in Alabama: Can a
      Documentation Strategy Model Work?," as the best in the 1998 issue of
      the journal. Board members cited his work as a good case study and
      extension of other appraisal and documentation strategy articles
      Provenance and other archival journals have published in the past.
      Almost as important, Olliff places his project within the larger context
      of documentation strategy theory and practice and does so in a very
      clear way. Named for the founder and first editor of Provenance, the
      Gracy Award is presented to the author of the best article in each issue
      of the society's annual publication.
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