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FW: Alabamiana: New book on moonshining generates great interest

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      The Wall Street Journal is running a feature article on him. WTSU
      Southeastern Public Radio in Montgomery found his stories so interesting,
      it's devoting three programs to his interview. Thomas Allison is his name,
      and his stories -- originally penned for his immediate family -- are full
      of the lore of our state and moonshining history and amusing anecdotes that
      make Alabama's past suddenly seem real. Here's more info on the book which
      is available in trade paper or hardback now.

      Moonshine Memories Makes Great Storytelling:
      A New Book About the Perks and Perils of Tracking Down Outlaws

      Montgomery, Alabama : NewSouth Books is pleased to announce a new title,
      Moonshine Memories, by Thomas R. Allison. The author, a former agent for
      the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax (ATT) division of the Internal Revenue Service,
      recalls his career during the division's early days, before Alcohol,
      Tobacco, and Firearms came into being as a separate department.

      The ATT division offered very little in the way of training, and the
      deputies they worked with had no training program at all. The perks of the
      job: a pistol, a pair of handcuffs, a pocket commission, and a box of
      ammunition. Allison and his fellow agents had to provide the running boots
      and holster. And thus, the agents went out looking for moonshiners and

      Allison reminisces about his time spent undercover, rooting out sources of
      illegal moonshine in different counties. He remembers fondly the multi-day
      stake-outs in the brush, the seemingly endless waiting to catch the
      distillery operators red-handed, and, of course, he recollects the chases
      through forests and streams, as he and his fellow treasury agents
      apprehended fleeing moonshiners in the dark of night.

      While Allison is a natural story-teller, the characters who populate this
      history are too strange to be fiction. Perhaps the only thing funnier than
      the ignorance of many of the moonshiners is the craftiness of some of the
      others. Moonshine Memories narrates the story of the agents and
      moonshiners of the '50s and '60s, and of the big moonshine stills that are
      no longer in operation.

      Moonshine Memories is available from NewSouth Books: special signed,
      leather-bound limited edition, retail $45.00, ISBN 1-58838-008-4;
      Hardcover, $28.95, ISBN 1-588-38-034-3; Paper, $19.95, ISBN1-58838-033-5.
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