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  • A.J. Wright
    Greetings...Ancestry.com is one of the largest commercial genealogy sites on the net; they have something like 2500 databases available, including several
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 8, 2000
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      Greetings...Ancestry.com is one of the largest commercial genealogy sites on
      the net; they have something like 2500 databases available, including
      several related to Alabama...

      I have no connection with the company other than having been a satisfied
      customer for a number of months now...these genealogy databases are very
      useful to my own non-genealogical research!! --aj wright // ajwright@...

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      8 December 2000


      ----- Free Access to All Ancestry.com Subscriber Databases
      through December 21

      Here's the opportunity you've been waiting for! Ancestry.com is
      offering free access to all of its databases through
      December 21. This is your chance to see why more than 270,000
      researchers have chosen to subscribe to Ancestry.com in their quest
      to discover their family's history.

      Included in the offer is access to the images of original census
      records that Ancestry.com recently began posting. These top-quality
      images represent a more true-to-life depiction of the records and are
      in most cases better than the original in readability.

      Ancestry.com's Images Online are scanned in 256 shades of gray to
      allow for variations in tone, as opposed to the less expensive method
      of bi-tonal technologies used by competitors. The entire set of U.S.
      Federal Censuses is expected to be online by spring 2001. A year's
      access to these images will only cost current Ancestry.com members an
      additional $39.95, as opposed to competitive offerings that in recent
      interviews quoted impending subscription costs at as much as $99!

      In other words, for $99.90 ($59.95 regular subscription + $39.95
      Images Online subscription)--which is the price competitors are
      charging for census only--Ancestry.com members will get access to the
      census Images Online in better form, plus access to all of
      Ancestry.com's other offerings. These offerings include such landmark
      databases as the "PERiodical Source Index (PERSI)," the Biography and
      Genealogical Master Index (BGMI), the American Genealogical-
      Biographical Index (AGBI), the 1890 Census Reconstruction Project,
      the Civil War Research Database, and Slave Narratives, just to name a

      But that's not all. Ancestry.com has been adding databases at a
      record-breaking pace and is on target to have more than 1 BILLION
      records online by the end of the year.

      Recent additions include:

      --- "The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England, 1620-33"
      (see a sample entry at:
      --- The New York City police census of 1890
      --- 1910 Miracode indexes for Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Virginia
      --- Statewide vital records indexes for a growing number of states
      --- New York's naturalization petition index of 1907-24
      --- Iowa cemeteries
      --- And much more!

      Now for a limited time, new members of Ancestry.com will get $10 off
      the price of an annual data subscription, giving you a year's access
      to the No. 1 genealogical site on the Internet for only $49.95. And
      as an added bonus, we'll include a FREE Ancestry Reference Library
      CD-ROM (a $49.95 value itself!), which includes 15 genealogy
      reference books to help you research like a pro!

      We're confident that once you have gotten a taste, you won't want to
      be without continuous access to our site!

      Sign up for free access today at:


      Keep in touch with your family and share information and data with a
      FREE MyFamily.com site. Sign up now for your site at:

      Search Ancestry's World Tree--the largest, free database of family
      files available on the Internet! Add your family tree today!

      Best Wishes,
      Juliana Smith, Editor, Ancestry Daily News
      Megan Vandre, Associate Editor
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      editor in the Daily News. Ancestry.com reserves the right to edit for
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