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        >Subject: FYI: Applications to Conduct an NEH Seminar or Institute
        >From: "Ferguson, Joyce" <JFerguson@...>
        >National Endowment for the Humanities (U.S.A.)
        >Applications to Conduct an NEH Seminar or Institute
        >in Summer 2002
        >Application Deadline: March 1, 2001.
        >Each summer the National Endowment for the Humanities supports
        >faculty development through residential seminars and institutes.
        >These projects are designed to provide teachers from across the
        >nation with the opportunity for intensive study of important texts
        >and topics in the humanities. Seminars and institutes are intended
        >to foster excellent teaching by encouraging collegial discussion of
        >humanities topics within close-knit scholarly communities. They
        >also promote active scholarship in the humanities in ways suited to
        >teachers at all levels from grade school through college.
        >Now is a good time to begin drafting a proposal to direct a seminar
        >or institute, or to contact a colleague whom you think might be
        >interested in developing a project. The NEH is supporting 30
        >projects for school teachers and 24 for college and university
        >faculty in the summer of 2001. You may find lists of current
        >projects at http://www.neh.gov/teaching/seminars1.html
        >(school teachers) and
        >(college and university teachers). If you or your colleagues would
        >like to apply to offer a seminar or institute in 2002, please be in
        >touch with one of the NEH program staff listed below to discuss
        >your application. Program staff can answer questions, provide
        >samples of successful applications, and comment on an informal
        >draft. Staff can help anticipate questions that are likely to arise in
        >the review process.
        >The application guidelines can be found on the NEH website at
        >http://www.neh.gov/grants/onebook/seminars.html. Printed copies
        >can be obtained by e-mailing sem-inst@.... If you have any
        >questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to call on the staff
        >at the NEH Division of Education Programs. For general questions,
        >call Joyce Ferguson at 202-606-8463 or Jean Hughes at 202-606-
        >8471, or contact one of the program officers listed below. We look
        >forward to working with you.
        >Thomas Adams 202-606-8396 tadams@...
        >Douglas Arnold 202-606-8225 darnold@...
        >Barbara Ashbrook 202-606-8388 bashbrook@...
        >Judy Jeffrey Howard 202-606-8398 jhoward@...
        >F. Bruce Robinson 202-606-8213 brobinson@...
        >Robert Sayers 202-606-8215 rsayers@...
        >Archives for the list can be viewed at
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                remove our e-mail address, we never read these messages just delete them, so
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