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Re: Yankee Carpetbaggers

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  • Dean Costello
    ... ...That many people had a hissy-fit when Alabama--History of a Deep South State came out since it had more references to Werner von Braun than Bear
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 3 6:18 PM
      >From: kbyrd@...
      >> I live in Virginia, right outside of DC. I went to grad. school at UAB
      >> (two years) in Birmingham, and I found that I had picked up an interest in
      >> the state. I got lucky in that I became friends with someone who also was
      >> interested in state history, and we ended up exploring the state from
      >> Muscle Shoals to the forts of Dauphin Island. Whenever I get back (about
      >> once a year or so) I try to make a trip to Cahawba/Cahaba to see how the
      >> restoration is going, and random side trips to places like Horseshoe Bend.
      >> To try and keep my chops in shape, at the moment I am mowing through
      >> "Alabama--The History of a Deep South State".
      >OK Dean from the looks of this list. I think that we're the only ones in
      >the United States. I always thought that I was just weird that I was
      >studying states on my own and now I find all you cool peopel on here and
      >I don't feel so weird anymore. So what interesting facts has everybody
      >found out about Alabama.

      ...That many people had a hissy-fit when "Alabama--History of a Deep South
      State" came out since it had more references to Werner von Braun than Bear
      Bryant? Again with the football...

      Actually, I remember when I first traveled to Birmingham when I started
      grad. school, I was constantly surprised that Birmingham was a real city,
      and not just a collection of shotgun shacks with Bubbas out on the porch
      wearing overalls with no shoes, drinking from a jug of hootch. Nice city.

      Which reminds me <Question for the group>: If George Wallace hadn't blocked
      Interstate highway funding in and around Birmingham, do you think that
      Birmingham could have challenged Atlanta for supremacy in the Southeast?
      Dean C.
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