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FW: ANNOUNCING H-QUILTS: H-Net List on Quilt Research & Documenta tion

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  • A.J. Wright
    This announcement may be of interest to some subscribers...I subscribe to several of the H-Net history lists and they are all very well organized and
    Message 1 of 1 , May 17, 2000
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      This announcement may be of interest to some subscribers...I subscribe to
      of the H-Net history lists and they are all very well organized and
      managed....aj wright

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      Subject: ANNOUNCING H-QUILTS: H-Net List on Quilt Research &

      Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 14:56:29 -0400
      From: H-NET Announcements Editor <announce@mail.h-net.msu.edu>

      Sponsored by
      H-Net, Humanities & Social Sciences On-line, Michigan State University;
      The Alliance for American Quilts, and the American Quilt Study Group


      H-Quilts is a moderated internet discussion forum whose purpose is to
      provide an exchange of information for individuals around the world
      engaged in quilting research and documentation. The list provides a forum
      for raising issues, reporting findings, reviewing books and articles, and
      sharing information about exhibitions, collections, publications, grant
      opportunities, calls for papers, and conferences. General as well as such
      specific topics as quilt documentation projects, contemporary quilting,
      art quilts, pattern history, textile history, oral history projects, and
      quilter biographies will be welcomed. H-Quilts is free and open to
      everyone with an interest in the documentation and study of quilts,
      quilters, and quilting history. Scholars, writers, teachers, collectors,
      quilt appraisers, restorers, librarians, museum curators, archivists,
      quilters, and participants in local, state, provincial, regional, and
      national quilt documentation projects are invited to join.

      The editorial style will be similar to one appropriate for a journal
      (written text) and a round table discussion at a professional meeting
      (short exchanges between colleagues). The main issue is to maintain a high
      level of professionalism, in content and form, so that everyone has access
      and can benefit. Like all H-Net lists, it is strictly moderated to filter
      out flames or irrelevant postings; inappropriate and informal postings
      will be bounced back to sender or referred to other lists.

      H-Quilts is affiliated with The Alliance for American Quilts and the
      American Quilt Study Group. The mission of The Alliance for American
      Quilts (AQSG) is "to further the recognition of quilts; to preserve the
      history of quilts and quiltmakers; and to establish The Center for The
      Quilt, a place that actively communicates with people about quilts and
      quilting. The American Quilt Study Group is "devoted to uncovering the
      accurate history of quilts, textiles, and the people who made them." AQSG
      holds an annual conference, issues the Blanket Statement newsletter, and
      publishes Uncoverings, an annual collection of papers presented at the
      conference. For more information on AQSG, point your browser to:

      The H-Quilts list is co-edited by Marsha MacDowell, Michigan State
      University Museum, macdowel@...; Patricia Keller, History of
      American Civilization Program, Winterthur Museum/University of Delaware,
      berrett@...; and Merikay Waldvogel, independent quilt scholar,
      quiltalive@.... The editors serve two-year renewable terms, with the
      approval of the H-Net Executive Committee and rotate their duties. The
      current editor will be identified in all messages coming from the list.
      The editors will not alter the meaning of messages without the author's

      H-QUILTS is free and open to anyone with a serious and abiding interest in
      the subject. Like all H-Net lists, H-QUILTS is moderated to edit out
      material that, the editors' opinion, is not germane to the list, involves
      technical matters (such as subscription management requests), is
      inflammatory, or violates evolving, yet common, standards of Internet

      Message logs and more information about H-QUILTS may be obtained at its
      website, linked from the H-Net website:



      H-QUILTS is owned by H-Net, an international network of scholars in the
      humanities and social sciences that creates and coordinates electronic
      networks, using a variety of media, and with a common objective of
      advancing humanities and social science teaching and research. H-Net was
      created to provide a positive, supportive, equalitarian environment for
      the friendly exchange of ideas and scholarly resources. H-NET sponsors
      dozens of e-mail lists and Web sites for them in a variety of disciplines
      and fields, publishes reviews of scholarly books and articles on the
      internet, and provides a weekly Job Guide. Our host is Michigan State
      University. More information can be obtained by sending an e-mail message
      to h-net@... or by browsing our Web site at



      To subscribe, send the following line as the only text of an e-mail
      message (no styles, fonts, or signature files) from the account you
      wish subscribed to LISTSERV@...:

      SUBSCRIBE H-QUILTS firstname lastname, institution
      Example: SUBSCRIBE H-QUILTS Jane Smith, Pioneer State U

      Follow the instructions you receive in reply.

      For additional information please write one of the editors at:


      For technical assistance please contact the H-NET help staff at:


      Thank you for your interest in H-QUILTS!

      Marsha MacDowell
      Patricia Keller
      Marikay Waldvogel
      H-Quilts Editors
      This announcement has been posted by H-ANNOUNCE,
      a service of H-Net, Michigan State University.

      For an archive of announcements and information about how
      to post, visit: http://www.h-net.msu.edu/announce
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