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FW: 2000 Southern Historian

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      Subject: TOC: 2000 Southern Historian

      From: Southern Historian <southern.historian@...>

      The University of Alabama is pleased to announce the publication of the
      Spring 2000 Southern Historian. The Southern Historian is an annual
      journal of southern history and culture edited and produced entirely by
      graduate students from the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

      The Spring 2000 Southern Historian includes the following articles:

      Forgive Us Our Transgressions: Rule and Misrule in Antebellum Southern
      Schools by Jan Price Greenough, University of California Berkeley

      Slavery, Secession, and the Old School Presbyterians: James Henly
      Thornwell and Charles Hodge on the Relationship between Church and State
      by James M. Albritton, The University of Alabama

      Symbols of Freedom and Defeat: African American Soldiers, White
      Southerners, and the Christmas Insurrection Scare of 1865 by Chad
      Williams, Princeton University

      Charles Johnson and the Sociology of Race Relations by Todd Lee, Georgia
      State University

      This issue also includes over 50 book reviews and a book review index
      for Southern Historian, vols. I-XX.

      If you would like to purchase a copy of this issue, please send $7.50
      to: Southern Historian, The University of Alabama, Box 870212,
      Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0212. Limited quantities of previous issues are
      available. Please contact the Southern Historian office at 205-348-1868
      for price and availability.
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