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FW: CFP--AHA Annual Meeting for 2001

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      Subject: CFP--AHA Annual Meeting for 2001

      The Annual Meeting of the American Historical Association for 2001 will be
      held in Boston, January 4-7, 2001. The Program Committee welcomes
      proposals from all members of the Association (academic and nonacademic),
      from affiliated societies, and from scholars in foreign countries and in
      related disciplines. In planning the program, the committee seeks
      presentations that address the entire community of historians and provide
      opportunities to examine the larger concerns of the profession. Panels
      that promote excellence in research and teaching and discussion of
      significant professional issues, rights, and responsibilities are welcome.
      Continuing the practice of previous years, the committee encourages the
      participation of established scholars and also requests, in particular,
      panels on time periods, regions, topics, and approaches that have been
      underrepresented in recent AHA meetings. As the last few meetings have
      indicated, those assembling panels and those attending them have found
      that comparative sessions have worked well both in stimulating discussion
      and attracting a diverse audience.

      In an effort to encourage wider participation of the whole profession in
      the AHA Annual Meeting Program, the 2001 Program Committee has chosen the
      theme "Practices of Historical Narrative." The committee construes this
      topic very broadly, considering that historians have used narrative to
      tell very different stories throughout the writing of history. Not only
      the ordering of events, but a variety of methodologies form the narrative
      that historians tell. The very sources that historians choose to use
      dictate a part of the narrative. Although panels need not be limited to
      the theme of the 2001 annual meeting, preference will be given to those
      panels and papers that reflect on the broad issues of narrative in
      historiography, interpretation, methodology, sources, and perspective.

      There is only ONE deadline for submission: FEBRUARY 15, 2000. Any
      proposal postmarked after that date will not be considered. The committee
      will consider only complete panels or workshops (those that include all
      presenters, chair, and commentator). Because there is only one deadline,
      single-paper submissions cannot be considered. Last year's experience
      showed that it is virtually impossible to find matches for single papers
      or form panels around them with the single, later deadline. There will be
      no "poster sessions." Those who wish to put together panels might find
      H-Net useful in finding other panel members.

      In preparing a proposal, you should consult the "Program Committee
      Guidelines." Panel proposers must use the cover sheet on page 42 of the
      September Perspectives (or a photocopy) or download the form as a PDF file
      from the AHA website [www.theaha.org]

      Mail four copies of the completed proposal (including cover sheet) to:
      Michael Bernstein, Dept. of History, University of California at San
      Diego, 9500 Gilman Drive, La Jolla, CA 92093-0104.
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