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    Hi, I covered Alabama from 19995 to 1999 as a diplomat responsible for attracting Alabamese investment in my country. But I had the privilege to attend the 300
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      I covered Alabama from 19995 to 1999 as a diplomat responsible for
      attracting Alabamese investment in my country. But I had the privilege to
      attend the 300 anniversary of the foundation of Biloxi in February 1999 in
      Mississippi and discovered that Mobile's anniversary was coming soon. There
      is a French era in Alabama's development that I am curious to know and as
      well now the influx of Latinos is most interesting to fathom as it will
      shape the future of this great State. The Civil War or the War of the States
      is another era that fascinates me. The influence of the African-American
      heritage, constructions, food, music, as well is incredible to discover. I
      am always confounded by the inventiveness and the resilience demonstrated by
      the Confederate armies whose desperate efforts are admirable but led to the
      United States of America as we know them today. Fascinating as well the fact
      that after such a terrible war all Alabamans are today to the fullest very
      proud to be identified to USA. And I have not mentioned the mysterious
      hills, and other fabulous places that this Great State holds. The rich
      Indian past with so many tribes that D'Iberville mentioned in his reports.
      Hence my signature to know more.
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      Welcome to the alabamahistory@onelist.com discussion list. Please take a
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      I created this list in late September, 1998, so that anyone interested in
      any aspect of Alabama's fascinating history, folklore and culture in general
      would have a place on the net to find other individuals with similar
      interests. Feel free to introduce yourself to the list if you wish and tell
      us a little bit about yourself and your interest(s) in Alabama history.

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      I will return to moderating messages.] I hope you will share any WWW
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      you started, you can find a lengthy list of Alabama-related links [and even
      some history ones!] at


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