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Unassignned Articles for the Encyclopedia of Appalachia

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  • Michael E. Birdwell
    ... Charles Moore wrote: The Encyclopedia of Appalachia Needs Writers. The editorial staff of the Encyclopedia of Appalachia seeks qualified writers for the
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 12, 1999
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      Charles Moore wrote:

      The Encyclopedia of Appalachia Needs Writers. The editorial staff of
      the Encyclopedia of Appalachia seeks qualified writers for the following
      unassigned articles. Note that the name of the article is listed first,
      followed by the number of words needed, and the section in which the
      article will appear. We also have several sections that are still being
      developed. These include Human Settlement and Migration; Government;
      Visual Arts; Performing Arts; Transportation; Ecosystems; Cultural
      Institutions; Household Economies and Cottage Industries; and Business,
      Industry & Technology; Communities; Images and Icons; and Urban
      Appalachian Experience. If you have a general interest in writing for
      any of these areas, contact us and we will connect you with the
      appropriate section editor. Final approval of an author is by the
      section editor.

      If you see a topic listed below about which you would like to write or
      about which you have a question, please contact Managing Editor Jill
      Oxendine at oxendine@.... When e-mailing, please provide your
      complete snail mail address, so we can send you a contributor's contract
      and guidelines.

      Flat Water Sports (500 words) - Sports and Recreation Section

      Fraternal Associations (500 words) - Gender and Sexuality Section

      Frontier Nursing Service (600 words) - Health

      Gypsies (250 words) - Race, Ethnicity, and Identity Section

      Modernism in Appalachia (250 Words) - Visual Arts

      Native American (500 Words) - Visual Arts

      Rural Action Art Heritage Program (250 Words) - Visual Arts

      Resort Photography (250 Words) - Visual Arts

      Regionalism (250 Words) - Visual Arts

      Public Art (250 Words) - Visual Arts

      Symbolism (250 Words) - Visual Arts

      Contemporary Painting (750 Words) - Visual Arts

      West, William Edward (250 Words) - Visual Arts

      Contemporary Photography (750 Words) - Visual Arts

      Contemporary Sculpture (750 Words) - Visual Arts

      Decorative Painting (250 Words)- Visual Arts

      O Appalachia (250 Words) - Visual Arts

      Naturalist Painters (500 Words) - Visual Arts

      Stereographs (250 Words) - Visual Arts

      Wooten, Bayard (250 Words) - Visual Arts

      Miller, Lewis (250 Words) - Visual Arts

      Media Arts (500 Words) - Visual Arts

      Harper's Magazine (250 Words) - Visual Arts

      Federal Art Project (500 Words) - Visual Arts

      Landscape Painting (500 Words) - Visual Arts

      Lost Cause (250 Words) - Visual Arts

      Kinney, Belle (250 Words) - Visual Arts

      Farm Security Administration (FSA) Photography (250 Words) - Visual Arts

      Beyer, Edward (250 Words) - Visual Arts

      Edmonson, William (250 Words) - Visual Arts

      Civil War Illustrators (250 Words) - Visual Arts

      Fancy Painting (250 Words) - Visual Arts

      Glass Plate Photography (250 Words) - Visual Arts

      Expatriate Artists (500 Words) - Visual Arts

      Murals (500 Words) - Visual Arts

      Link, O. Winston (250 Words) - Visual Arts

      Miniaturists (250 Words) - Visual Arts

      From Africa to Appalachia (250 Words) - Visual Arts

      Portraiture (500 Words) - Visual Arts

      More Than Land or Sky (250 Words) - Visual Arts

      Moses, Anna Mary Robertson (250 Words) - Visual Arts

      Barnhill, William (250 Words) - Visual Arts

      Intermediary Education Units Sharing Resources/Rural Areas (250 words)-

      Place Names (Including "Appalachia") (500 words) - Language

      Abolitionist Newspapers (500 words) - Media

      "Salute to the Hills" (John Jacob Niles) (250 words)- Media

      "A Strange Land and a Peculiar People" (250 words)- Media

      Eugenics Programs (500 words)- Families

      Peppers (250 words)- Food and Cooking

      Pies (500 words)- Food and Cooking

      Moonridge (250 words)- Intentional Communities

      Retirement Communities (500 words)- Intentional Communities

      Middle Earth (250 Words) - Intentional Communities

      New Age Residential Communities (500 Words)- Intentional Communities

      Women's Communities (500 Words) - Intentional Communities

      Spiral Wimmin's (250 Words) - Intentional Communities

      Y2K (Year 2000 Communities) (250 words)- Intentional Communities

      Bruderhof Community (Hutterite) (250 words)- Intentional Communities

      Sassafras Ridge Farm; Hinton, WV (250 Words)- Intentional Communities

      Futures, Inc.; Berea, KY (250 Words)- Intentional Communities

      Counterpane (500 Words)- Crafts

      Chattowah Open Land Trust (500 Words)- Intentional Communities

      Greening Life Community (250 Words)- Intentional Communities

      Union Acres (250 Words)- Intentional Communities

      Survivalist Communities (250 Words)- Intentional Communities

      Coal Camp Communities (500 Words) - Intentional Communities

      Spinning (500 Words) - Crafts

      Wood Carving (1500 Words) - Crafts

      Stone Masonry (1500 Words) - Crafts

      Counterpane (500 Words) - Crafts

      Cattle (750 Words)- Agriculture
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