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Call for Proposals

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  • Elizabeth F. Shores
    CALL FOR PROPOSALS The Family in the United States, Colonial Times to the Present; An Encyclopedia Joseph M. Hawes, Ph.D. Elizabeth F. Shores, M.A.P.H.
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 14, 1999

      The Family in the United States, Colonial Times to the Present;
      An Encyclopedia

      Joseph M. Hawes, Ph.D.
      Elizabeth F. Shores, M.A.P.H.

      The editors call for proposals for encyclopedia entries on topics
      related to the history of the family in the United States. The
      two-volume encyclopedia will cover the experiences of American families
      from social, political, economic, and policy perspectives. It also will
      include some comparative treatments considering the experiences of
      families in other countries.

      This is a project of ABC-CLIO, the international publisher of reference
      books, serial abstracting and indexing services, and interactive media.
      The Editorial Advisory Board for this project includes Stephen Mintz,
      Ph.D., Department of History, University of Houston; Sally Helvenston,
      Ph.D., Department of Human Environment and Design, Michigan State
      University; Steven Noll, Department of History, University of Florida;
      Elizabeth Rose, Department of History, Trinity College, and others to be

      A preliminary entry list appears below; the editors welcome proposals
      for additional entries. Individual entries shall be brief (approximately
      300 words), short (approximately 1,000 words), medium-length
      (approximately 2,000 words), or long (approximately 4,000 words). All
      must reflect current and important historiography and must include brief

      Proposals that promise illustrative material, such as photographs,
      artwork, tables or graphs, or other figures, will receive special
      consideration. Contributors will be required to obtain written
      permission to reproduce the illustrative material.

      Submit a 1-2 page proposal, including entry title, approximate length in
      words, abstract, and brief bibliography, with contact information
      including a professional title, institutional affiliation, degrees,
      snail-mail, e-mail, and telephone. Prospective contributors should list
      all publications of their own related to the topic of the entry.
      Proposals via e-mail are welcome but must be in the body of the message,
      not attachments. Deadline: Jan. 3, 2000.

      Send proposals to:

      Elizabeth F. Shores, M.A.P.H.
      Shores Research and Editorial Services
      3303 Shenandoah Valley Dr.
      Little Rock, AR 72212
      e-mail: efshores@...
      tel: 501-686-8394

      Prospective contributors will receive guidelines for manuscripts and
      delivery upon acceptance of their proposals.

      About the Editors: Joseph M. Hawes, Ph.D., is professor of history at
      the University of Memphis and author of The Children's Rights Movement;
      A History of Advocacy and Protection (Twayne, 1991). Elizabeth F.
      Shores, M.A.P.H., is an independent historian and author of several
      books on early childhood education, as well as scholarly articles on the
      history of education in Arkansas. She was editor of the journal
      Dimensions of Early Childhood in 1990-1995.

      The Family in the United States, Colonial Times to the Present

      Entry List


      Long = 4,000 words
      Medium = 2,000 words
      Short = 1,000 words
      Brief = 300 words

      abortion [long]
      adolescence, changes in [long]
      adoption (interracial; international; closed; private) [long]
      adultery [medium]
      affection as a basis for marriage [short]
      African-American families, demographics of [long]
      after-school care [brief]
      Aid to Dependent Children (ADC) [short]
      Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) [long]
      AIDS [medium]
      alimony [brief]
      American Family Association [brief]
      anorexia nervosa [brief]
      apprenticeship [medium]
      Asian-American families [long]
      athletics in family life, organized [long]
      Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder [brief]

      baby boom [medium]
      Baby M [short]
      babysitter as occupation for adults, teenagers [short]
      Banns [short]
      biracial couples [medium]
      birth order, theories of [brief]
      blended families [brief]
      breast-feeding [medium]
      bulimia [brief]
      Burgess, Ernest W. [brief]
      businesses, family-owned [medium]

      Cambridge Group for the History of Population and Social Structure
      caregivers, adult children as [short]
      Catholic Church and family life [medium]
      celibacy [short]
      child advocacy [medium]
      Child Health Improvement and Protection Act of 1968 [brief]
      child abuse [long]
      child care [long]
      child development, understanding of [long]
      child welfare policy (including state-sponsored adoption) [long]
      childbirth, medical practices related to [long]
      Children of God [brief]
      Children�s Bureau, U.S. [medium]
      Children�s Defense Fund [medium]
      chores in family life, role of [short]
      Clinton, Hillary Rodham [short]
      common-law marriages [short]
      communes, families in [medium]
      companionate family [short]
      complex marriage [short]
      contraception [long]
      Cooperative Extension Service [brief]
      courtship [medium]
      cults, families in [medium]
      custody, child [long]
      customs, family [long]

      Davis, Katherine B. [brief]
      Decoration Day [brief]
      delinquency [brief]
      demograpics of the family [long]
      disabilities and family life [long]
      discipline [medium]
      divorce [long]
      drug abuse in families [long]

      early childhood education, history of [long]
      Earned Income Tax Credit [brief]
      educational achievement of parents [medium]
      Ellis, Havelock [brief]
      employment, maternal [medium]
      employment, paternal [medium]
      employment of children [long]
      Erikson, Erik [brief]
      eugenics [long]
      extended family [short]

      family as a political theme [long]
      family courts [medium]
      Family and Medical Leave Act [brief]
      family therapy [medium]
      family practice physicians [medium]
      farm families [medium]
      Father�s Day [brief]
      Feminine Mystique [brief]
      fertilization, in vitro [medium]
      fertility drugs [medium]
      fiction, families in popular [medium]
      first-cousin marriage [brief]
      freedmen families [medium]
      Freud, Sigmund [brief]
      Funerals [medium]

      games in family life [medium]
      geneaology [medium]
      gerontology [brief]
      grandparents as caretakers [medium]
      grandparents in family life [long]
      Great Society [long]

      Hall, G. Stanley [brief]
      Head Start [long]
      higher education, access to [long]
      HIPPY (Home Instructional Program for Preschool Youth) [brief]
      Hispanic families [long]
      home economics [long]
      home schooling [long]
      homelessness [long]
      homosexual children [long]
      homosexual parents [long]
      Housing and Urban Development, Department of [brief]

      immunization [medium]
      infant mortality rate [medium]
      inheritance [short]

      Japanese-American families during World War II, internment of [medium]
      Jewish families [medium]
      juvenile justice [long]

      Key, Ellen [brief]
      kidnapping [medium]
      Kinsey, Alfred [brief]

      La Leche League [brief]
      latch-key kids [brief]
      Law, family [long]
      Little League [brief]
      Lynd, Helen [brief]
      Lynd, Robert [brief]

      marriage [long]
      marriage counseling [medium]
      maternal mortality [short]
      matriarchy [brief]
      matrilineal societies [brief]
      Medicaid [short]
      Medicare [short]
      military, families in [medium]
      minimum wage and its effects on families [medium]
      milk carton kids [brief]
      miscegenation [medium]
      Mother�s Day [brief]
      movies, families in [medium]
      music, families in popular [medium]

      Native-American families [long]
      neighborhoods in family life [long]

      Oneida Community [brief]
      orphanages [long]

      PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) [brief]
      PTA (Parent Teacher Association) [brief]
      parenting education [medium]
      parental involvement in schools [long]
      parents movement for special education [medium]
      parents, children as [medium]
      parents, overprotective [short]
      Parsons, Talcott [brief]
      pastimes, family [long]
      paternity suits [short]
      patriarchy [brief]
      patrilineal societies [medium]
      pediatricians [long]
      pill, the [short]
      Planned Parenthood [brief]
      polio [medium]
      politics, family as an issue in [long]
      polygamy [medium]
      poverty [long]
      premarital sex [long]

      religion in family life [long]
      remarriage [medium]
      reunions, family [short]
      Richards, Ellen Swallow [brief]
      Roe v. Wade [short]
      Sanger, Margaret [brief]
      sex education [medium]
      sexual revolutions of the 1920s, 1950s, 1960s [medium]
      Shakers [short]
      Sheppard-Towner Act [brief]
      single-parent households [medium]
      Smith-Lever Act [brief]
      Social Security Act [medium]
      Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children [brief]
      step-parents [medium]
      Spock, Benjamin [long]
      suburbanization [medium]
      Supplemental Security Income [short]
      syphilis [short]

      teenaged pregnancy [long]

      urban renewal [brief]

      vacations, family [long]
      venereal disease [medium]
      virginity [brief]
      Watson, John B. [brief]
      weddings [medium]
      White House Conferences on Children, Families [long]
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