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  • Carmel Thomaston
    SYNOPSIS SEMINAR Alicia Rasley s Writing The High Concept Synopsis is next week on Painted Rock. The cost is $40 and that includes a critique of up to 10
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      Alicia Rasley's "Writing The High Concept Synopsis" is next week on Painted
      Rock. The cost is $40 and that includes a critique of up to 10 pages of
      your synopsis.

      DESCRIPTION: Whether your book is finished or not, writing a synopsis is a
      good exercise because it shows in skeleton form the conflicts and events
      that will power your plot and develop your characters. Alicia Rasley will
      discuss what editors mean when they say they want a "high concept"
      synopsis, the different forms and purposes of the synopsis, and give you
      pointers on how to write a synopsis that will concisely tell your story and
      intrigue an editor. Course includes access for one week to a private
      mailing list for questions and networking, a critique of your synopsis of
      up to 10 pages and one real-time, two-hour online class (Wed., Nov. 4 from
      8-10 p.m. ET)

      The info is located at: http://www.paintedrock.com/conference/synopsis.htm
      or you can e-mail me with questions. A registration form for faxing is
      posted below.

      We take all major credit cards and you can fax me your registration form
      this weekend. If you are on a Macintosh, please e-mail me before you
      register for additional accessing information.

      Access: If you are on a PC and are using at least the 3.0 version of
      Netscape or Explorer you can enter the class with your browser. Our class
      server also allows for entry by PC and Mac with IRC clients such as mIRC,
      Pirch and IRCle. Full technical support given for accessing classroom.

      Carmel Thomaston

      Painted Rock Class, Seminar and Conference Mail Registration Form

      Secure online registration will be available shortly through our bookstore.
      Until that time, please mail in or fax in your registration form.
      Mail completed copy to:
      Painted Rock
      P.O. Box 240
      Waverly, AL 36879-0240
      Fax form to: 334-821-9291
      If you have questions call Carmel Thomaston at 334-821-9291 or e-mail
      Name: ___________________________________________
      Street: ___________________________________________
      City: _____________________________________________
      Zip: ______________________________________________
      Telephone: _(______)_________________________________
      E-mail: ____________________________________________
      Operating System. Windows ______ Mac: _________
      Class and Seminar Registration:
      1. Class Title: ____________________________
      Instructor: ________________________________________
      2. Class Title: ____________________________
      Instructor: ________________________________________
      3. Class Title: ____________________________
      Instructor: ________________________________________
      I wish to pay by: (Check appropriate one)
      Credit Card:________________________________________
      Personal Check or Money Order: _________________________
      Check or Money Order enclosed in the amount of: ____________
      Credit Card Name: ____________________________________
      Name Listed on Card __________________________________
      Card Number ________________________________________
      Expiration Date: _____________________________________
      By submitting this form or registering for, you agree to hold harmless
      Painted Rock and its parent company Jargon Inc. from any dispute arising
      from any class, class program or class activity due to the actions of the
      Signed: _____________________________________________
      Date: _______________________________________________
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