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Encyclopedia of Appala.

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      Subject: H-Appalachia Call for Writers

      The Encyclopedia of Appalachia currently being compiled by the Center for
      Studies and Services at East Tennessee State University is in search of
      writers for the
      following unassigned articles. Please note that the specific name of the
      article is listed
      first, followed by the number of words needed, and the section in which the
      article will
      appear. If you see a topic listed below about which you would like to write
      or about which
      you have a question, please contact Managing Editor Jill Oxendine at
      When e-mailing, please provide your complete snail mail address, so we can
      send you a
      contributor's contract and guidelines.

      Flat Water Sports (500 words) - Sports and Recreation Section

      Fraternal Associations (500 words) - Gender and Sexuality Section

      Gypsies (250 words) - Race, Ethnicity, and Identity Section

      Hmong (250 words) - Race, Ethnicity, and Identity Section

      Iroquois (250 words) - Race, Ethnicity, and Identity Section

      Coosa (250 words) - Race, Ethnicity, and Identity Section

      Long Island on the Holston - Race, Ethnicity, and Identity Section

      Oneida (250 words) - Race, Ethnicity, and Identity Section

      Mountain Indians (250 words) - Race, Ethnicity, and Identity Section

      YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly (250 words) - Religion Section

      Intermediary Education Units Sharing Resources/Rural Areas (250 words) -

      German, Especially in PA and Shenandoah Valley (1000 words) - Language Section

      Appalachia on Our Minds (book) (250 words) - Media Section

      "Salute to the Hills" (John Jacob Niles) (250 words) - Media Section

      Dungan, Ellis (250 words) - Media Section

      One Room and Union Schools (500 words) - Education Section

      The Invention of Appalachia (book) (250 words) - Media Section

      Boyd, Danny (250 words) - Media Section

      Allen, James Lane (250 words) - Media Section

      Eugenics Program (500 words) - Families Section

      Mill Town Families (500 words) - Families Section

      Parents Days (500 words) - Families Section

      Peppers (250 words) - Food and Cooking Section

      Pies (500 words) - Food and Cooking Section

      Moonridge (250) - Intentional Communities Section

      Y2K (Year Two-Thousand Communities) (250 words) - Intentional Communities

      Spiral Wimmin's (250 words) - Intentional Communities Section

      Naturist Camps and Communities (250 words) - Intentional Communities

      Women's Communities (500 words) - Intentional Communities

      New Age Residential Communities (500 words) - Intentional Communities

      Futures, Inc.; Berea, KY (250 words) - Intentional Communities

      Middle Earth; West Union, OH (250 words) - Intentional Communities

      Sassafras Ridge Farm; Hinton, WV (250 words) - Intentional Communities

      Union Acres (250 words) - Intentional Communities

      Currents; Glouster, OH (250 words) - Intentional Communities

      New Covenant Fellowship; Athens, OH (250 words) - Intentional Communities

      Lightstone Foundation (250 words) - Intentional Communities

      Allardt, Tennessee (250 words) - Intentional Communities

      Old Economy (1820s) (250 words) - Intentional Communities

      Appalachia Science in the Public Interest - Intentional Communities

      Susan B. Anthony Memorial Unrest Home (250 words) - Intentional Communities

      Retirement Communities (500 words) - Intentional Communities

      Greening Life Community (250 words) - Intentional Communities

      Chattowah Open Land Trust (250 words) - Intentional Communities

      Earthlight Foundation, NC (250 words) - Intentional Communities

      Jubilee Partners; Comer, GA (Madison Co.) (250 words) - Intentional

      Southern Dharma Retreat Center; Hot Springs, NC (250 words) - Intentional

      Cattle (750 words) - Agriculture Section

      We also have several sections that are still being developed. These include
      Settlement and Migration; Government; Visual Arts; Transportation;
      Ecosystems; Cultural
      Institutions; Household Economies and Cottage Industries; and Business,
      Industry &
      Technology. If you have an interest in any of these general areas, contact
      us as
      well and we will connect you with the appropriate section editor.
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