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Tuskegee: BBCF Arts Extravaganza August 11

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      Arts Extravaganza
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      2012 Arts Extravaganza

      Join us for a day of celebrating the rich cultural offerings of the Black Belt in an Arts Extravaganza!
      Saturday, August 11, 2012
      (Tuskegee, AL) Youth and adult performance artists and visual artists from all twelve counties of Alabama’s Black Belt will come together Saturday, August 11, 2012 in Tuskegee to celebrate the region’s unique and rich cultural heritage!
      The BBCF, which serves as a doorway into the culturally rich communities of the Black Belt, links together the region’s artists, cultural groups and non-profit organizations. After six years of reviewing and awarding Black Belt Arts Initiative grants, the Black Belt Community Foundation (BBCF) is proud to take the time to sit back and see firsthand the fruits of their labor. With a full day of singing, dancing, acting, and more – Saturday’s Arts Extravaganza will offer a taste of what makes the Black Belt so special.
      The day will begin for the public at 9:00 am with a flag ceremony by county representatives in the Kellogg Conference Center Auditorium on the campus of Tuskegee University. Throughout the morning, guests will enjoy dance and drama performances by regional non-profits and arts agencies who have previously been awarded a BBCF Arts Grant.
      Visual Artists will share their talents and examples of their work during the lunch break, from 12:00 noon until 1:30pm at the Jesse Clinton Arts Theatre. Black Belt artists will bring examples of their work and share many success stories from recent programs. 
      Following the Visual Arts Program, guests are invited to the Tuskegee First United Methodist Church from 1:30 pm– 3:00 pm to enjoy remarkable performances.

      “Our future as an innovative country depends on ensuring that everyone has access to the arts and to cultural opportunity...But the intersection of creativity and commerce is about more than economic stimulus, it’s also about who we are as people. The President and I want to ensure that all children have access to great works of art at museums...to great poets and musicians in theatres around the country, to arts education in their schools and community workshops.” —Michelle Obama

      Investing in Alabama's Black Belt's Cultural Future

      The Black Belt Community Foundation serves as a doorway into the culturally rich communities of the Black Belt. We are a link to connect you with our region’s artists, cultural groups and non-profit organizations.
      The Black Belt Arts Initiative, which was ignited in 2006 through BBCF’s partnership with the Youth & Cultural Committee of the Black Belt Action Commission (BBAC) and the Alabama State Council on the Arts, works strongly in its goals to promote artists and arts awareness in the Black Belt and to stimulate creativity among its youth. Since 2006, $964,500 in grants have been awarded through the Black Belt Arts Initiative Arts Grants. Among those receiving awards are museums, community theatres, festival committees and youth organizations offering concentrated arts programs.
      The 2012 BBCF Arts Extravaganza brings together grant recipients from across the twelve Black Belt counties to share and showcase their works of art and their respective impacts on their communities. These artists, groups and organizations are ready to share their time, talent and treasure to further educational and cultural pursuits—“taking what they have to make what they need.”

      The 2012 BBCF Arts Extravaganza
      was made possible by the following sponsors:
      Black Belt Community Foundation
      BBCF Community Associates of Macon County
      Jesse Clinton Arts Center
      USDA Forrest Service
      Tuskegee First United Methodist Church
      Tuskegee University (CAENS)
      Black Belt Community Foundation | 609 Lauderdale Street | Selma AL 36701 | Phone: 334-874-1126
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