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Alabama Heritage: Online-Only Memorial Day Special!

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  • A.J. Wright
    Message 1 of 1 , May 23, 2012


      To celebrate Memorial Day,we want to give you a free back issue!

      If you buy any subscriptions (new or renewal; your own or a gift) by Memorial Day 2012, we will send you one of ten issues featuring war-related articles for FREE for EACH subscription purchased!

      Select the magazine(s) you want from the list that follows. To redeem, simply place the desired issue(s) in your shopping cart with the subscriptions that you are ordering and use the code provided for each free magazine.

      Click Here to start your order now!

      Please Note:
      *For proper credit, make sure to use the code that corresponds to the issue you are ordering.
      *Only one free issue per subscription will be honored.
      *Orders with more free issues than subscriptions will not be processed.
      *You are welcome and encouraged to buy extra back issues, of course. Simply enter them without the promo code.

      Available Back Issues:
      "When Men Must Die: An Alabama POW at Bataan" By John D. Lukacs
      Imprisoned for years in the death camps of Bataan, Bert Bank and his fellow prisoners of war wondered if Uncle Sam had forgotten them. When hope was almost gone, a daring rescue brought these “ghost soldiers” back from the dead.
      PROMO CODE: BI70

      "Nancy Batson, Pursuit Pilot Extraordinaire" By Sara Byrn Rickman
      Like many of her male counterparts fighting overseas in WWII, WAFS pilot Nancy Batson never planned beyond her next flight, convinced it might be her last—a sacrifice she and her fellow WAFSs would have gladly made.
      PROMO CODE: BI65

      "The Lost Battalion of the Ia Drang" By Philip D. Beidler
      While Hollywood’s We Were Soldiers portrayed the first victorious days of fighting in Vietnam’s Ia Drang Valley, an Alabama soldier lived the tragedy that followed at LZ Albany.
      PROMO CODE: BI68

      "Patriots of Color: An Alabama Family in the Good War" By Wesley Phillips Newton
      Sherman and Nettie White of Montgomery sacrificed much to educate their son, which earned him a coveted place as a Tuskegee Airman. They made the untimate patriotic sacrifice when his plane went down in France. 
      PROMO CODE: BI69

      "Alabama and World War One: The Gold Star Collection" By Sam Duvall
      To memorialize Alabama soldiers who gave their lives in World War One, families sent volumes of information and photos to the state archives. The collection bears the name of a readily recognizable symbol of heroic sacrifice—the gold star.
      PROMO CODE: BI72

      "From Alabama to Amendola and Back: Journey of a B-17 Pilot" By James L. Noles Jr.
      World War II Army Air Forces pilot Bill Tune of Carbon Hill had nearly reached his fiftieth combat mission when his luck ran out.
      PROMO CODE: BI94

      "Missing in Action: The Story of Ray Davis" By Sam Duvall
      On November 3, 1944, the P-38 piloted by Raymond K. Davis disappeared out of the skies near Stotzheim, Germany. It took his brother fifty years to find out what happened to him.
      PROMO CODE: BI59

      "Red Erwin and the Medal of Honor" By Judd A. Katz
      He was on fire. His hair and one ear had burned off, but Red Erwin took action that saved both aircraft and crew in the skies over WWII Japan. No one thought he’d live long enough to receive the Medal of Honor.
      PROMO CODE: BI39

      "The Crommelin Brothers" By John B. Scott Jr.
      During World War II, five spirited brothers from Wetumpka participated in every major battle in the Pacific and made the Crommelins one of the most decorated families in the history of the U. S. Navy.
      PROMO CODE: BI46

      "Alabamians at Pearl Harbor" By Maridith Walker Geuder
      Alabamians who survived Pearl Harbor remember the attack and its devastating aftermath.
      PROMO CODE: BI22

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