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Some Ala. History, etc. Sites

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  • A.J. Wright
    Greetings, all... Here are a few sites I ve run across recently that may be useful to someone... On the alabamahistory web site at
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 28, 2012
      Greetings, all...

      Here are a few sites I've run across recently that may be useful to someone...

      On the alabamahistory web site at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/alabamahistory/ on the left side of the main page is a choice for "Links" where any subscriber can add links to sites that may be useful...A.J. Wright

      URL : http://www3.familyoldphotos.com/photo/alabama/8532/mobile-high-school-mobile-alabama-1922-football-team
      TITLE : Mobile High School, Mobile, Alabama 1922 Football Team | Family Old Photos - Genealogy Photo Archive Database
      DESCRIPTION : In the photograph:    Players  George Irvine, Leon Athey, Ed Haas, Marvin Smith, Leo Owen, Fred Pickhard, Jim Hart, Charley Heuback, Ned Meredith, Cullen Richardson, Cliff Clisby, Norbert Niolon, Alan Kidd, Lester Diamond, Julian Graddick, Coach - Mr. Wester.    Many unidentified players are in the photograph.

      URL : 
      TITLE : Baldwin County Genealogy
      DESCRIPTION : Genealogy for Baldwin County, Alabama; includes births, deaths, marriages, census, family Bibles, wills, biographies, family genealogies, occupations, obituaries, and much more. Part of the Genealogy Trails project.

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      URL : http://peabody.research.yale.edu/cgi-bin/Query.GNIS?ST=Alabama
      TITLE : Yale Peabody Museum: GNIS - Alabama
      DESCRIPTION : Search the USGS Geographic Names Database. You can limit the search to a specific county in this state and search for any of the following features: airport arch area arroyo bar basin bay beach bench bend bridge <b>building</b> canal cape <b>cemetery</b> channel <b>church</b> cliff crater crossing dam falls flat forest gap geyser glacier gut harbor hospital island isthmus lake lava levee locale mine oilfield other park pillar plain ppl range rapids reserve reservoir ridge <b>school</b> sea slope spring stream summit swamp tower trail tunnel valley well woods.

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