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Deadlines for Ala. Heritage "Becoming Alabama" Calendar of Events

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      Subject: [Becoming Alabama] Alabama Heritage "Becoming Alabama" Calendar of Events

      Good afternoon, everyone. It has come to our attention at Alabama Heritage that subscribers are using the "Becoming Alabama Calendar of Events" to plan field trips! Therefore, we are sending out a reminder about deadlines for submitting your events to Alabama Heritage magazine. The deadlines for events are:

      April 1 (events for summer issue)
      July 1 (events for fall issue)
      October 1 (events for winter issue)
      January 1 (events for spring issue)

      As usual, I will send out reminders about these dates.

      Please send all events to me at reyno031@.... 

      Please keep in mind the following when submitting events:

      1. We will publish all that can fit in the space we have reserved, beginning with the earliest. We will publish all, if possible.

      2. Events must have some relevance to the Becoming Alabama initiative or themes of the Creek War, Civil War, and civil rights movement.

      3. Each event must appear in the format and within the text limits presented here:

      March 10, 7:00 p.m
      Text describing your event should include contact information and any admission fees. The body of this text should be no more than 250 characters.

      NOTE: We reserve the right to trim the announcements if absolutely necessary to fit our space requirements. We will take great care to see that nothing essential is cut.

      Susan Reynolds
      Alabama Heritage 

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