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Southern Cultures

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  • David Herr
    fyi...aj wright ... Summer 1999 SOUTHERN CULTURES table of contents ESSAYS Doris Betts, We were the Snopes : A Writer and Her Piedmont Elizabeth Davey, The
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      fyi...aj wright

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      Summer 1999 SOUTHERN CULTURES table of contents


      Doris Betts, "'We were the Snopes': A Writer and Her Piedmont"

      Elizabeth Davey, "The Souths of Sterling A. Brown"

      David Crosby and photographer Roland Freeman, "The Tenant Purchase Program
      in Claiborne County, Mississippi"

      Jane Turner Censer, "Reimagining the North-South Reunion: Southern Women
      Novelists and the Intersectional Romance, 1876-1900"


      John Shelton Reed--Tom Wolfe's _A Man in Full_

      Lisa Yarger--The Museum of the New South's "Don't Touch That Dial: Carolina
      Radio Since the 1920s"

      Bland Simpson--Julia Sims's _Manach Swamp: Louisiana's Undiscovered Wilderness_

      Melton McLaurin--Clarice T. Campbell's _Civil Rights Chronicle: Letters
      from the South_

      Christopher Waldrep--Laura F. Edwards's _Gendered Strife and Confusion: The
      Political Culture of Reconstruction_

      Michael O'Brien--John C. Guilds and Caroline Collins, editors, _William
      Gilmore Simms and the American Frontier_ and Charles S. Watson's _From
      Nationalism to Secessionism: The Changing Fiction of William Gilmore Simms_


      Gavin James Campbell, Music Recordings review

      John Shelton Reed, South Polls--"Where Is the South?"

      SOUTHERN CULTURES is published by the University of North Carolina Press
      for the UNC Center for the Study of the American South. John Shelton Reed
      and Harry L. Watson, editors.

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      David Herr
      Editor H-SOUTH
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