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ADAH: Archives Educator Newsletter April, 2011

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  • Amos J Wright
    [http://ih.constantcontact.com/fs085/1102061705617/img/55.gif] Issue: # 9 April 2011 Highlights this month include: * Alabama History Education Initiative
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      Issue: # 9

      April 2011


      Highlights this month include:


      April Lesson Plans 


      We are posting five NEW lesson plans for April submitted by teachers.  The Great Depression, the women of the Civil Rights movement and an examination of the political life of George C. Wallace are featured this month.  Check out the names of the authors to see if they work in your school or school system!


      **Remember, we are looking for your comments and suggestions about the lesson plans.  A Feedback button is located at the bottom of the lesson plan index for your convenience.





      Trekking Through History

      Traveling Backpacks

      Available August, 2011


      In the past, teachers have asked us about borrowing our discovery boxes to use in their classrooms.  To answer these requests, we have developed Trekking Through History Traveling Backpacks of 6 of our most popular discovery boxes that are full of hands-on artifacts, activities for your class, DVDs, and a CD of the digital files of the activities that is yours to keep!  Through a generous grant from our support group, the Friends of the Alabama Archives, you will only pay $10.00 for the shipping of the backpack.  Because we have a limited number of these, you will want to make your reservations early. Reservations will begin August, 2011.  These are the available Trekking Through History Traveling Backpacks:

      • Archaeology
      • Cotton
      • Civil War
      • Flight and Space
      • Southeastern Indians
      • Statehood and Symbols




      Professional Development Opportunities


      Alabama Humanities Foundation:



      2011 Jenice Riley Memorial Scholarship



      Online Resources



       (Provides teachers and students with an online, map exhibit taken from the collections of the ADAH.  Writing exercises, rubrics,  and classroom activities are included.)



       Becoming Alabama Activity Booklet and Events List for Children


      (Provides teachers and students with activities to use in the commemoration of three major events in United States and Alabama history.  A list of events is hyperlinked for additional information.



      Please note: Teachers should research all of the above resources to determine appropriateness for their students.


      Find us on Facebook


      Make a Pine Burr Quilt square!  This is the official quilt of Alabama and the pattern is available as our History at Home activity. 

      Join us at the Archives on Saturday, May 14, 2010 for
      Museum in the Mornings from 9:00-11:00.  In May, we will be creating papel picados! This is a FREE activity. 



      624 Washington Avenue

      P.O. Box 300100

      Montgomery, AL 36130-0100

      Phone: (334) 242-4435


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