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  • Amos J Wright
    [http://ih.constantcontact.com/fs085/1102061705617/img/55.gif] Issue: # 7 February 2011 Highlights this month include: * Alabama History Education Initiative
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      Issue: # 7

      February 2011


      Highlights this month include:

      • Alabama History Education Initiative Lesson Plans
      • Professional Development Opportunities and Online Resources
      • FREE Copies of The Alabama Guide
      • Lunar New Year Activities
      • Museum in the Mornings Activities


      February Lesson Plans 


      We are posting five NEW lesson plans for February.  This month, we have lesson plans on Jim Crow in Alabama, Alabama's 1901 Constitution, a college student's perspective on WWI, the Scottsboro Boys, and Redstone Arsenal.


      **Remember, we are looking for your comments and suggestions about the lesson plans.  A Feedback button is located at the bottom of the lesson plan index for your convenience.





      FREE Classroom Set of The Alabama Guide

      AL Guide


      We have FREE classroom sets of the The Alabama Guide available to schools.  There are still classroom sets of 32 copies available  to you to be picked up at the Archives.  The first 241 pages offer students an easily read, illustrated history of Alabama and will be invaluable to schools that have limited resources and textbooks.  The second half of the book contains information about Alabama state government at the time of publication.  The reading level is more appropriate for high school students, but elementary students will enjoy exploring the history of  Alabama through historic photographs.


      Please complete this form to reserve your set.  Anyone from your central office can pick these up for you when  in Montgomery for meetings. The Alabama Department of Archives and History is open each day and on the second Saturday of each month from 8:30 to 4:30.  


      Some school systems will be using these as textbooks for an Alabama History elective next year.


      (Please note:  Each classroom set is composed of 4 boxes of 8 books each.  Each box weighs approximately 34 lbs.)




      Professional Development Opportunities


      • No classes to attend!
      • No substitutes to find!
      • No travel funds to expend!  

      Online Resources



       (Provides teachers and students with an online,  photographic exhibit taken from the collections of the ADAH.  Writing exercises and rubrics are included.)



      (Have you ever seen the Gettysburg Address and its various drafts?  If not, check out the online exhibit from the Library of Congress.  There is a 2:59 video that explains the background of this historic speech.)



      (Provides teachers and students with guiding questions based upon primary sources of the Montgomery Bus Boycott.


      National Constitution Center

      (Provides lesson plans for K-12 to teach students about the concept of rights and how African Americans have been denied rights in the U.S.)



      (Provides teachers and students with lesson plans on current and historical events.)  


      (Provides teachers and students lessons that connect decisions of the past to choices of today.)


      Please note: Teachers should research all of the above resources to determine appropriateness for their students.


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      Other Educator News:  

       It is not too late to celebrate the Lunar New Year in your classroom!  This is the "Year of the Rabbit."  Click
      here for activities and information.


      Join us at the Archives on Saturday, March 12, 2010 for Museum in the Mornings from 9:00-11:00.  In March, we will be designing paper airplane,
      with special paper! This is a FREE activity. 


      Interested in researching your family history?  The Archives will be hosting Roots, Branches, and Leaves: Growing Your Family History, a workshop conducted by our research archivist, Nancy Dupree, on Saturday, March 12 from 9:00 to 3:00.  Register early!




      624 Washington Avenue

      P.O. Box 300100

      Montgomery, AL 36130-0100

      Phone: (334) 242-4435


      Alabama Department of Archives and History | 624 Washington Avenue | P.O. Box 300100 | Montgomery | AL | 36130-0100

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