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Ala. Writers' Forum Newsletter Dec. 2010

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      AWF Newsletter

      December 2010

      Celebrate the right to learn the arts: a message from Jeanie Thompson, Executive Director

      I was in the car, as usual. The radio was tuned to one of Alabama's fine public radio stations. As I watched the interminably slow light at the corner of Narrow Lane and Carter Hill turn red about five car lengths ahead, I told myself to just relax. Reflexively, my brain tried to jump to "the next thing."

      But the next thing was the merciful fact that the station was playing a children's program of holiday music. "Over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother's house we go," sang the lovely little voices. The sound of that song, whose lyrics and music I know by heart because I was taught them numerous times in elementary school, cast me back.

      With an oddly palpable sensation like taste, I remembered the happiness of learning music in school and singing with a group. Happiness and school -- not incompatible words. But it was also an association of thinking -- thinking about the lyricism of the sentence, how the images moved, and the magic of the words sung. The surety of the music teacher conducting us, the safety of being surrounded by my classmates as we sat in the auditorium for the first run-through, then mounting the risers to be arranged for the concert were as familiar as breathing and as much a part of school are reading, math, and science.

      It's the time of year now when everyone is asking you to give to a worthy cause. And so I ask you to please remember the arts. The Alabama Writers' Forum does many things, but our legacy is teaching young people to write. And we acknowledge their writing where it is taught by dedicated teachers. Writing Our Stories and the High School Literary Arts Awards, as well as numerous individual consults and teacher training workshops, keep creative writing viable in Alabama. This is the mainstay of the Forum's mission to promote the literary arts in Alabama.

      A year-end donation or gift membership in the Alabama Writers' Forum are significant ways to encourage everyone's right to enjoy the writing arts in Alabama. Please donate whatever you can or renew your membership early. You may send your check to the Alabama Writers' Forum, P.O. Box 4777, Montgomery, AL 36103-4777 or phone Nancy Hutcheson at 334-265-7728 to make a year-end contribution, give a gift membership to an avid reader, or make a renewal with your credit card by phone.

      From the staff and the Board of Directors of the Alabama Writers' Forum, we wish you a happy, safe, peaceful, and joyous holiday season!



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