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Ala. Arts Radio: Charlie Stripling Tribute, Fiddlefest and Fish Fry

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  • Amos J Wright
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      In this program Joyce Cauthen, author of With Fiddle and Well-Rosined Bow: The History of Old-Time Fiddling in Alabama, interviews Robert Stripling, the oldest son of Charlie Stripling (1896-1963).  Charlie Stripling was a master fiddler who, with his brother Ira on guitar, recorded 42 fiddle tunes for Brunswick and Decca Records between 1928 and 1936.  He was a popular performer in his hometown of Kennedy and surrounding communities in Lamar, Fayette, Pickens and Tuscaloosa counties, where he played for hundreds of fiddlers’ conventions and dances.  When his recordings were reissued in the 1980s, his music found new fans across the nation.

      Robert Stripling, age 90, began accompanying his father at performances when he was ten years old and his brother, Lee Edwin, was eight.  In the interview he shares memories of his father’s music, discusses what made his fiddling so outstanding and tells what it was like for the two young boys to play with him.

      The program also discusses the “Charlie Stripling Tribute Fiddle Fest and Fish Fry” to be held on November 13 in Belk, AL.  There a documentary film about the Stripling legacy, produced by Jeri Vaughn of Seattle, WA, will debut and three bands influenced by the music of Charlie Stripling will perform. For more information on Charlie Stripling, visit the Encyclopedia of Alabama Online.  For information about the event in Belk visit www.alabamafolklife.org.

      This special radio series will air every Sunday at 5:00 P.M. - 5:30 P.M., on the Troy University Public Radio Network at:  

      • WTSU 89.9 (Montgomery and Troy)
      • WRWA 88.7 (Dothan)
      • WTJB 91.7 (Columbus and Phenix City) 

      And every Saturday, broadcasting from Spring Hill College in Mobile, at 2:30 P.M. on:

      • WHIL 91.3 Public Radio (Mobile-Biloxi-Pensacola)

      This radio series may not be broadcast in your area, but it can be accessed via the Internet at: http://www.arts.state.al.us/actc/1/radioseries.html#stripling

      If you have been listening to, and enjoying this radio series, please send your comments to: barbara.reed@...

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