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Alabama Heritage: From the Vault

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  • Amos J Wright
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      Alabama Heritage...from the Vault

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      When Good Men Do Nothing:
      The Murder of Albert Patterson

      By Alan Grady

      When Good Men Do Nothing
      When the Democratic nominee for attorney general challenged Phenix City's vice lords, they murdered him on a downtown street. The nation was shocked.

      Dear Friends:

      Our latest treasure to be resurrected from the Alabama Heritage vault tells an old story that echoes eerily today as the state faces new crises over gambling and alleged political corruption. This article by Alan Grady, "When Good Men Do Nothing: The Murder of Albert Patterson," first appeared in the Winter 1996 issue. It recounts the night Alabama Senator Albert Patterson was gunned down on a Phenix City street after his successful campaign for state attorney general against an opponent backed by gambling interests—and of the ensuring investigation and charges. This article generated so much interest when released in 1996 that the University of Alabama Press expanded it into a book in 2003.

      Please enjoy this newest addition to "Alabama Heritage: From the Vault," and pass it along to friends who might not be on our email list yet. If you have suggestions for old favorites that should be resurrected, you can contact us at heritage@....

      Donna Cox Baker
      Editor, Alabama Heritage

      Click here to read "When Good Men Do Nothing: The Murder of Albert Patterson"

      From the University of Alabama Press

      When Good Men Do Nothing: The Assassination of Albert Patterson
      by Alan Grady

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