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Encyclopedia of Ala. lecture--AU--Oct. 14 etc

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      Discover Auburn Lecture

      http://encyclopediaofalabama.org/face/Home.jsp )

      Dr. Jeff Jakeman

      DATE AND TIME: Thursday, October 14 at 3 p.m.

      LOCATION: Special Collections and Archives Department, GROUND FLOOR,
      Ralph Brown Draughon Library

      Sponsored by: Auburn University Libraries


      AUBURN, AL - To further Auburn University*s commitment to outreach
      and cooperation with other institutions of higher learning in Alabama,
      Auburn University Libraries Systems Department has reached a milestone
      in a year-long project with Tuskegee University aimed at bringing the
      historical materials in Tuskegee*s archives to a wider audience by
      making them available online.

      This cooperative effort began in the summer of 2009, when the new
      head of Tuskegee University Archives, Dana Chandler, realized the wealth
      of historical materials his department was holding and began generating
      ideas for making them available to researchers worldwide. Putting many
      of the materials online was the obvious choice, but his department
      lacked hands-on experience with his preferred software solution: DSpace,
      an open-source digital content-management package developed at MIT and
      widely used for digital repositories.

      Chandler turned to Auburn University Libraries Systems Department
      for advice on choosing a software configuration that would meet their
      needs, as Auburn has had a thriving digital collections program for
      several years. Aaron Trehub, assistant dean for technology and technical
      services at Auburn University Libraries, was more than willing to share
      the knowledge and experience his department has amassed in almost ten
      years of working with digital collections.

      Trehub and Reuben Pasquini, the libraries* DSpace specialist, made
      several visits to Tuskegee University to assess the archives* needs
      and help install the DSpace software on a server at Tuskegee. Since
      then, Chandler and his staff has been customizing and populating the
      database with the items in their archives.

      *The collaborative effort between Auburn University Libraries*
      Systems Department and the Tuskegee University Archives has proven to be
      very successful,* said Chandler. *Thanks to Aaron Trehub and Reuben
      Pasquini, we were able to launch our new archives repository website in
      less time than if we had used a conventional repository software
      package. Their eagerness to aid us in this endeavor, coupled with their
      expertise, allowed us to complete our mission with no extra cost to the

      *We*re pleased to be able to help a fellow institution of higher
      learning to make their collections more accessible,* said Trehub.
      *Our own Auburn researchers will benefit from easy access to
      Tuskegee*s archives. The free exchange of our collective learning
      benefits everyone and we look forward to helping other universities that
      can use the work we*ve done.*

      The Tuskegee University Archives Repository website can be accessed
      through the Tuskegee University website: www.tuskegee.edu. Click on the
      button labeled *Libraries.* Scroll down and select the heading
      *Tuskegee University Archives Repository.*

      (Contributed by W. Jayson Hill.)

      Contact: W. Jayson Hill (334) 844-7439 (wjh0008@...)

      See the "What's New" link ( http://www.lib.auburn.edu/whatsnew/ )
      as of October 6 for more information.

      Tim Dodge
      What's New Web Manager and Whatsnew-L Listserv Moderator

      Tim Dodge
      Reference Dept.
      Ralph Brown Draughon Library
      231 Mell St.
      Auburn University, AL 36849-5606

      Tel. (334) 844-1729
      Fax: (334) 844-4461
      E-mail: dodgeti@...
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