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Alabama Historical Association Fall Pilgrimage

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  • Amos J Wright
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      Register Now for the Fall Pilgrimage!
      The 2010 AHA Fall Pilgrimage will be held on Saturday, October 23 at Moundville Archaeological Park. Join other members as we discover the history and archaeology of the site with Dr. Jim Knight and tour the newly renovated Jones Archaeological Museum. Click here for a registration form, also found in the fall newsletter.
      Moundvile Archaeological ParkMoundville, located in west central Alabama on the Black Warrior River, is internationally recognized by scholars as one of North America's most significant archaeological sites. In the 13th century, around 3,000 Mississippian people lived in this powerful and carefully planned capital town, an additional 7,000 occupying a 75-mile strip along Alabama's Black Warrior River forming the core of the Moundville chiefdom. At Moundville, they constructed 28 earthen mounds that served as building platforms for civic and ceremonial structures and the homes of nobles. At its peak, Moundville can be considered America's largest city north of Mexico. 

      Jones Archaeological MuseumThe newly renovated Jones Archaeological Museum features the exhibition "Lost Realm of the Black Warrior," a stunning display of several hundred outstanding Moundville artifacts presented in a rich, multisensory environment.  Exhibits include recreated Moundville scenes with lifelike human figures made from lifecasts of living Southeastern Indians.  Visitors also experience a multimedia special effects presentation in a recreation of a Moundville earthlodge. 

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