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ADAH Educator Newsletter #2

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  • Amos J Wright
    [http://ih.constantcontact.com/fs085/1102061705617/img/55.gif] Issue: # 2 Sept. 2010 What do you think? We received several emails from you concerning the
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      Issue: # 2

      Sept. 2010


      What do you think?


      We received several emails from you concerning the Alabama History Education Initiative lesson plans.  We do want to know how you used these resources and if the lessons were helpful to you.  Also, let us know how you customized the lesson(s) to fit the needs of your students.  Please share your expertise with us so that we can share your ideas with others!


      Highlights this month include:


      - Five NEW Alabama History Education Initiative Lesson Plans  


      - Alabama History Notebooks


      - History at Home




      Lesson Plans


      Prelude to the Creek Indian War (created by Kris White, 
      Bear Exploration Center, Montgomery County Schools) 

      Settlement of Frontier Alabama (created by Darlene Kellison,
      Evans Elementary, Albertville City Schools)


      Jennifer Drawhorn, Hillcrest High School, Tuscaloosa County Schools)


      Alabama Tenant Farmers and Sharecroppers (created by Vicki Looser, Lanett High School, Lanett City Schools)


      A Lifetime of Responsibilities: Child Labor in Alabama (created by Lesa Roberts, Hampton Cove Middle School, Huntsville City Schools)



       Other Educator News: 


      Many teachers require their students to compile Alabama History notebooks but it is sometimes difficult for students to obtain good reliable information and attractive illustrations.  We have compiled often requested information into an Alabama History Notebookwhich is on sale in the Friends of the Alabama Archives Gift Shop.  Stop in the Archives to purchase an assortment of Alabama maps, symbols of Alabama, and other commonly requested information about our state.  The information is sold in booklet form ($20), and NEW THIS YEAR, on CD ($10).


      Have you tried our History at Home activities?  If not, you may want to see what is new this month.


      Don't forget, our tours are changing! A new tour, A Touch of History, will start December 1, 2010. Go to the school tours section of our Web site to learn more and to book your tour.




      Online Resources


      Discovery Education Puzzlemaker





      "History at Home" provides students with creative activities that teach history! 




      Gone to the Fair!


      Check out our booth at the Central Alabama Fair in Selma.

      October 4-9, 2010 


      Butter churning on Wednesday evening! 



      Find us on Facebook








      624 Washington Avenue

      P.O. Box 300100

      Montgomery, AL 36130-0100

      Phone: (334) 242-4435


      Alabama Department of Archives and History | 624 Washington Avenue | P.O. Box 300100 | Montgomery | AL | 36130-0100

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