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Alabama Arts Education Summit -- October 6-8, 2010

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  • Amos J Wright
    MAKING IT HAPPEN: Request for Presenters Statewide Arts Education Summit 2010 -- October 6-8, 2010 Alabama’s statewide arts education advocacy summit will
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      MAKING IT HAPPEN: Request for Presenters

      Statewide Arts Education Summit 2010 -- October 6-8, 2010


      Alabama’s statewide arts education advocacy summit will take place at the Hotel Capstone in Tuscaloosa, this October with a focus on “Making it Happen.” In January 2011 the Merce Cunningham Dance Company plans a legacy tour through Alabama. Cunningham, Cage and Rauschenberg were the first improvisational collaborators to create “Happenings” at Black Mountain College beginning in 1930, and even in the early ‘70’s, “Happenings” were still very much alive. A “Happening” was an arts event (improvisational, multi-disciplinary and non-linear) created by both performers and audience. Boundaries disappeared and the audience became part of the art. Often things were left to chance with no script or plot. “Happenings” developed on the spot.


      Everything we are learning today in education research states that when the students are active learners, boundaries dissolve and everyone learns together. Students gain the skills they need for the future, and school culture becomes risk free, innovative and exciting. What better time to reengage the old “Happening” model for our Arts Education Summit! 


      We are looking for presenters willing to go out on a limb to offer “Happenings” that will engage us in advocacy for arts education. That advocacy should include excellent teaching in the arts both sequential and integrated; building awareness in communities through strong partnerships with schools, and building legislation in our government to create policy stating the arts are essential for every student. We encourage you to envision a “Happening” structured to encourage learning about what you have to offer. That structure should engage a community of learners attending our summit, and enhance their capacity building for our schools, our communities and/or our government. 


      Break Out Sessions will be 90 minutes. We need sessions on: how to integrate the arts, how to develop community partnerships, and how to influence policy makers. We need sessions on anything that enhances arts education, including technology, assessment, questioning, envisioning, strategic planning, networking, and more. We also need teaching artists to showcase their work. If you have an idea with the capacity to strengthen arts programs in Alabama – we want you!


      Please send your proposals immediately to Diana Green at the Alabama State Council on the Arts. You may email proposals to diana.green@.... If you have questions or would like to brainstorm by phone, please call me at 334/242-4076 Ext. 241.


      Proposals should include objective, planned activities or improvisational direction, and a creative element that uses lessons learned or discoveries made to culminate your session. You may send narratives or lesson plans. Choose your own format for your “Happening” proposal. We may need to call you, so include current contact information.


      I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for all you do for Alabama’s students!!!!


      Diana F. Green

      334/242-4076 Ext. 241

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