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Ala. History/Culture in the News: 3-4 Feb & Bonus Material

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  • Amos J Wright
    NOTE: Materials in brackets are my additions. Items are listed more or less in reverse chronological order within each section. All links are presumably
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      Materials in brackets are my additions. Items are listed more or less in reverse chronological order within each section. All links are presumably working at the time I send this email. Many of the articles listed are printed in other Alabama newspapers; in general, I do not attempt to list all appearances of an article. Some dates given are those when the item was posted to the newspaper or magazine web site. Some items are listed without links because I either could not find online versions or could not find a free one.

      ***Feel free to forward this email as desired.***

      WARNING: Many articles on newspaper and magazine web sites and blogs are accompanied by nasty, anonymous comments about individuals and subjects in or sometimes unrelated to the posted articles. Some articles in these listings will unfortunately include such commentary.


      Additional articles can often be found at Google, Topix or Yahoo news sites:




      Please note that many articles continue beyond the single web page I have linked here. Web sites related to some articles often appear in the "Bonus Material" section.



      **[no entries this issue]


      **UA smokestack, a landmark on campus, could be razed by trustees vote [built in 1965]
      [Longer Tuscaloosa News story at http://tinyurl.com/y87vr4r ]
      Mobile Press-Register 4 February 2010

      **1913 Feb 4- Rosa Louise McCauley is born in Tuskegee, Alabama. In 1932,
      she will marry Raymond Parks. She will work at a number of
      jobs, ranging from domestic worker to hospital aide. At her
      husband's urging, she will finish high school studies in 1933,
      at a time when less than 7% of African Americans had a high
      school diploma. Despite the Jim Crow laws that made political
      participation by Black people difficult, she will succeed in
      registering to vote on her third try. In December 1943, she
      will become active in the Civil Rights Movement, joining the
      Montgomery chapter of the NAACP. When the seamstress and
      NAACP member refuses to yield her seat to a white man on a
      Montgomery, Alabama bus on December 1, 1955, her actions will
      spark a 382-day boycott of the buses in Montgomery, halting
      business and services in the city and become the initial act
      of non-violent disobedience of the American Civil Rights
      movement. She will be honored with the NAACP's Spingarn Medal
      for her heroism and later work with Detroit youth(1979) and
      be called the "Mother of the Civil Rights Movement." She will
      join the ancestors on October 24, 2005. The United States
      Senate will pass a resolution on October 27, 2005 to honor
      Mother Parks by allowing her body to lie in honor in the U.S.
      Capitol Rotunda. The House of Representatives approved the
      resolution on October 28. Since the founding of the practice
      of lying in state in the Rotunda in 1852, She will be the
      31st person, the first woman, the first American who had not
      been a U.S. government official, and the second non-
      government official (after Frenchman Pierre L'Enfant). On
      October 30, 2005 President George W. Bush will issue a
      Proclamation ordering that all flags on U.S. public areas
      both within the country and abroad be flown at half-staff on
      the day of her funeral. On February 5, 2006, at Super Bowl XL,
      played at Detroit's Ford Field, the late Coretta Scott King
      and Mother Parks, who had been a long-time resident of "The
      Motor City", will be remembered and honored by a moment of

      1947 Feb 4- Sanford Bishop is born in Mobile, Alabama. He will graduate
      from Morehouse College and Emory University Law School. He
      will specialize in civil rights law and will become a member
      of the Georgia Legislature from 1977 to 1993 (House and
      Senate). In 1993, he will be elected a member of the United
      States House of Representatives from Georgia.
      FROM: Today in Black History

      **1861 February 4: At Montgomery, Alabama, the Confederate States are organized.
      FROM: Poor Gabriel's Almanac poorgabriel@...

      **Shelby [Co. Historical] society shows museum revamps
      Birmingham News 3 February 2010

      **Kids books focus on Black History Month [three have Alabama connections]
      Washington Post 3 February 2010

      **Carver legacy lives on in alumni
      [The high school for blacks opened in 1936 and closed in 1971.]
      Gadsden Times 3 February 2010

      **Event seeks to release black history treasures
      [Atlanta event involved Amelia Platt Boynton Robinson, who ran for Congress in Alabama in 1964.]
      Atlanta Journal-Constitution 3 February 2010


      **[Novelist and poet Irene] Latham shares life as an author with students
      Florence Times Daily 4 February 2010

      **Alabama native Allison Moorer takes flight with 'Crows'
      Mobile Press-Register 4 February 2010

      **Huntsville rock band Halo Stereo joins ICM stable that also features Megan Fox, Jodie Foster
      Huntsville Times 4 February 2010

      **Small towns receive big honor in 2010
      Auburn Plainsman 4 February 2010

      **For Jimmy Buffett, Margaritaville is New Orleans Saints' territory
      Mobile Press-Register [via New Orleans Times-Picayune] 4 February 2010

      **It's the band heard 'round the state
      [Uglistick, as it recorded at Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals]
      Florence times Daily 4 February 2010

      **Birmingham, four other [U.S.] cities to share $1 million in arts, culture money
      Birmingham News 3 February 2010


      **Lee A. Archer Jr., Tuskegee Fighter Pilot, Dies at 90
      New York Times 3 February 2009


      **Alabama Folklife Association


      **Alabama History Community Calendar

      **Traditional Cultural Events in Alabama

      **Literary Events in Alabama [via Alabama Writers Forum]


      **Alabama County Historical & Genealogical Societies & Records Repositories

      **Alabama Historical Association Marker Index

      **Alabama History Resources on the Internet

      **Birmingham Rewound

      **Project to Document the Birmingham District
      [Includes the BhamWiki and the Magic City Flickr group]

      **activeculture.info [cultural events calendar for central Alabama]

      **activeculture.info History Events

      **activeculture.info Literature Events

      **alabamahistory related links

      alabamahistory archives at Yahoo:


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