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TOC: J Southern History Aug 2009

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  • Amos J Wright
    The August 2009 issue of the Journal of Southern History has been mailed to subscribers. This issue celebrates the Journal s seventy-fifth volume and the
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      The August 2009 issue of the Journal of Southern History has been
      mailed to subscribers. This issue celebrates the Journal's
      seventy-fifth volume and the upcoming seventy-fifth anniversary of
      the founding of the Southern Historical Association with a forum
      entitled "Commemorating Seventy-Five Years of the Journal of
      Southern History." A long keynote article by Laura F. Edwards looks
      back at southern history's long-term relationship with U.S. history.
      Then, thirteen short essays look at the present state of the field
      from various angles and consider future directions of scholarship.
      Seventy-six book reviews round out this robust issue.

      Southern History as U.S. History
      By Laura F. Edwards

      The South and the World
      By Peter Kolchin

      A More Southern Environmental History
      By Christopher Morris

      Rethinking the "Unthinking Decision": Old Questions and New Problems
      in the History of Slavery and Race in the Colonial South
      By Rebecca Anne Goetz

      Labor and the Idea of Race in the American South
      By Jacqueline Jones

      The Second Slavery: Modernity in the Nineteenth-Century South and
      the Atlantic World
      By Anthony E. Kaye

      The Southern Middle Class
      By Jonathan Daniel Wells

      Manning the Region: New Approaches to Gender in the South
      By Angela M. Hornsby-Gutting

      The South and Mass Culture
      By Karen L. Cox

      The Bulldozer Revolution: Suburbs and Southern History since World War II
      By Matthew D. Lassiter and Kevin M. Kruse

      Rethinking the Black Power Era
      By Peniel E. Joseph

      Why Is There So Much Sex in Christian Conservatism and
      Why Do So Few Historians Care Anything about It?
      By Bethany Moreton

      New People of the Newest South: Prospects for the Post-1980 Immigrants
      By Leon Fink

      Contentious and Collected: Memory's Future in Southern History
      By W. Fitzhugh Brundage

      Book Reviews

      Historical News and Notices

      For more information on the Journal, please see the website at
      http://www.jsh.rice.edu/. Members of the Southern Historical
      Association receive the Journal as a benefit of membership, and
      students can join at a subsidized rate of only $10. To join, go to
      Randal L. Hall, Ph.D.
      Managing Editor
      Journal of Southern History--MS45
      Rice University
      P.O. Box 1892
      Houston, Texas 77251-1892
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