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FW: New book - From Scottsboro to Munich

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  • Amos J Wright
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      From Scottsboro to Munich
      Race and Political Culture in 1930s Britain
      Susan D. Pennybacker

      To read the entire book description or the introduction, please visit: http://press.princeton.edu/titles/8941.html

      Presenting a portrait of engaged, activist lives in the 1930s, From Scottsboro to Munich follows a global network of individuals and organizations that posed challenges to the racism and colonialism of the era. Susan Pennybacker positions race at the center of the British, imperial, and transatlantic political culture of the 1930s--from Jim Crow, to imperial London, to the events leading to the Munich Crisis--offering a provocative new understanding of the conflicts, politics, and solidarities of the years leading to World War II.




      Paper | $27.95 / £19.95 | ISBN: 978-0-691-14186-2
      Cloth | $55.00 / £37.95 | ISBN: 978-0-691-08828-0












      Princeton University Press
      41 William Street
      Princeton , New Jersey
      U.S.A. 08540




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