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Fothergill Award - Bartram Trail Conference

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  • Amos J Wright
    [Bartram s 18th century travels included much of what is now Alabama. -A.J. Wright // ajwright@uab.edu ] Subject: Fothergill Award -
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      [Bartram’s 18th century travels included much of what is now Alabama .

       –A.J. Wright // ajwright@... ]



      Subject: Fothergill Award - Bartram Trail Conference


            The Bartram Trail Conference is now accepting applications for its Fothergill Research Award.  One or more fellowships of $500 are awarded annually to an advanced graduate student or recent Ph.D. whose research promises to lead to publication, book, article, dissertation, or other substantive product in studies related to William Bartram.  Appropriate areas of scholarship include but are not limited to the natural  sciences, history of science, literary studies, journalism, history, biography, archaeology, art, photography and ethnohistory. 


            Recipients are asked to make an informal report on work to be published in BTC newsletter, The Traveller and/or presented at biennial meeting of the BTC (at discretion of program committee). Deadline for receipt of applications is August 1, 2009.  The award is for use in 2009-2010.  For more information and to receive an application form, please contact Dr. Kathryn H. Braund, Dept. of History, 310 Thach Hall, Auburn University , AL 36849 .  Phone: 334-844-6649; email braunkh@...  The Bartram Trail Conference web site is at http://www.bartramtrail.org/  

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