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FW: Discovering Alabama: Huntsville & Space Program [APT, 7/5]

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  • Amos J Wright
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      For those interested, especially Huntsville and Alabama residents, there will be a program on Alabama Public Television about Huntsville ’s historic role in our space program. The program may air in other locations also. A few links for more information on Dr. Phillips and Discovering Alabama:








      The Discovering Alabama episode celebrating Huntsville ’s role in the space program will premiere on 

      Alabama Public Television 

      Sunday, July 5

      8:00 p.m.



      Dr. Doug Phillips hosts the show from Marshall Space Flight Center’s Historic Redstone Test Site. We get a bit of history, and we look at a few current programs at Marshall and the National Space Science and Technology Center . What excites us most about this show is the look toward the future as kids are inspired by Space Camp, NASA Outreach, and the NASA Great Moonbuggy Race. 


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