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8th Biennial Southern Women Writers Conf: Berry College, Sept 24-26 2009

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      Subject: CFP: 8th Biennial Southern Women Writers Conference (Berry
      College, Sept 24-26 2009)

      Call for Papers and Creative Submissions

      Eighth Biennial Southern Women Writers Conference

      Berry College

      Mount Berry, GA

      September 24-26, 2009

      Conference speakers to include: Judith Ortiz Cofer, Allison Hedge Coke,
      Natalie Daise (pending confirmation), Thulani Davis, Connie May Fowler,
      Sarah Gordon, Melissa Fay Greene, Sharyn McCrumb, Marsha Norman (pending
      confirmation), Mab Segrest, and Natasha Trethewey

      Since its inception in 1994, the Southern Women Writers Conference has
      been devoted to showcasing the works of well known and emerging southern
      women writers, expanding the literary canon, and developing critical and
      theoretical understandings of traditions and innovations in southern
      women's writing.

      The theme for the 2009 conference is "Many Souths: Remembering,
      Sustaining, Creating." In recent decades, monolithic conceptions of the
      U.S. South have given way to more nuanced and particularized ways of
      understanding and representing the region. Yet even a cursory glance at
      the literary history of "the South" reveals writing marked from the very
      beginning by an awareness and appreciation of localized, subregional
      difference. Women writers have given us indelible images of regions
      within the region, from the mountain South to the Mississippi Delta, the
      Low Country to Cajun Country, and the continental-flavored coastal
      cities to the suburban Sunbelt. Coinciding with these geographical
      subregions, differences in gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, class,
      sexuality, and spirituality reveal additional "Souths" within "the
      South." This year's conference theme invites attendees to explore the
      ways in which southern women have used the written word to evoke these
      and other Souths, whether through remembering, sustaining, or creating.
      We invite critical and creative submissions that explore the full range
      of approaches to the theme, including but not limited to:

      * canonical and non-canonical works of fiction, poetry,
      autobiography, and drama
      * non-discursive works (film, photography, performance art, etc.)
      * works by and about women involved in remembering or preserving
      vanished or vanishing regions or concepts of the South
      * works by and about women involved in creating visions of New
      * institutions (penal, mental health, educational, religious,
      * ecological zones
      * tribal homelands and indigenous southerners
      * transnational and diasporic Souths
      * domestic spaces and/or workplaces
      * Georgia writers

      Critical Submissions: Please send 300-word abstracts or completed papers
      that can be read aloud in twenty minutes. If submitting a proposal for a
      panel, please include the names of participants and abstracts for
      individual papers. Male scholars are encouraged to participate.

      Creative submissions: Please submit creative work (poetry, fiction,
      creative nonfiction, or drama), appropriate to the conference's thematic
      focus, for a twenty-minute reading. Authors should be women who meet at
      least one of the following criteria: were born in or grew up in the U.S.
      South; currently live in the U.S. South; write about the U.S. South.

      All submissions should be postmarked no later than Monday, April 6, 2009
      and may be sent via e-mail as attachments in MS Word format to
      swwc@... or by regular mail to: Southern Women Writers Conference;
      Berry College; Box 490350; Mt. Berry, GA 30149. Requests for
      multi-media equipment should accompany submissions. For more
      information, visit the conference website at www.berry.edu/swwc/2009.

      Jim Watkins

      Berry College
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