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FW: Country Music Hall of Fame: Oral history interviews

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  • Amos J Wright
    FYI...this resource will no doubt include many Alabamians... ajwright@uab.edu ... From: H-Net Discussion List on Appalachian History and Studies
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      FYI...this resource will no doubt include many Alabamians...

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      Subject: Country Music Hall of Fame: Research Possibilities

      I'm happy to report the Country Music Foundation's completion of a
      substantial oral history preservation and access project made possible
      by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). I will
      appreciate your assistance in publicizing the completion of our project,
      as well as the continuation of CMF's oral history program.

      To advance its mission of preserving and disseminating the history of
      country music, the non-profit Country Music Foundation, Inc. (CMF) began
      collecting interviews and other research materials soon after the 1967
      opening of Country Music Hall of Fame(r) and Museum, which is owned and
      operated by CMF. Our ongoing Oral History Project was launched
      officially in 1974.

      Now embracing 666 interviews, the Oral History Collection forms a key
      component of CMF's Frist Library and Archive, housed in the newer Museum
      building opened in downtown Nashville in 2001. The collection contains
      interviews with performers, recording artists, songwriters, and a wide
      variety of business personnel involved in the country music industry
      since the 1920s.

      In 2001, CMF received a generous NEH grant that allowed us to re-record
      and transcribe 610 interviews in our collection, adding to twenty-eight
      interviews that exist only in transcript form. We re-recorded an
      additional twenty-eight interviews that have difficult sound problems,
      and will attempt transcriptions after performing additional sound
      enhancements we can make.

      In the sound preservation process, we created archival and user-copy CDs
      and user-copy listener cassettes for 638 interviews. Within the budget
      limitations of the project, we were also able to create new archival
      reel tapes for some 35 percent of total interview hours.

      Thus, 638 transcripts are available at our library in keyword-searchable
      Microsoft Word files. MARC-format catalogue records are available on
      OCLC, in addition to MARC-format, in-house catalogue records software
      and an in-house oral history project database.

      A Collection Guide-Descriptive Inventory is now available on CMF's Web
      site www.countrymusichalloffame.com , either by following links to
      Exhibits and Collections under the heading Experience the Museum, or by
      using this



      This finding aid provides contact information and use policies, as well
      as an interview list and interview descriptions.

      Thank you for your attention and consideration.

      Yours sincerely,

      Dr. John Rumble, Senior Historian

      Country Music Fame(r) and Museum

      222 Fifth Avenue South

      Nashville, TN 37203

      (615) 416-2005 direct line

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