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J. Reed on new Bright Star restaurant centennial book

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  • Amos J Wright
    JIM S LATEST RED CLAY DIARY ENTRY: From the Red Clay Diary of Mister
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      From the Red Clay Diary of Mister Reed’s Neighborhood


      In my antique store, I always keep hundreds of old, abandoned letters, diaries, postcards, scrapbooks, personal notes—all of them one of a kind, all of them personal and private, each of them a testimonial from a person’s life and times. I cherish these shards, these tiny evidences of lives lived long ago, and I’m thrilled when others come to the store to purchase and cherish them, ready to pass them on to the next generation.


      It’s even more thrilling to see a scrapbook-diary-personal narrative put together and duplicated hundredsfold in book form, so that people everywhere can have a taste of history, firsthand. A Centennial Celebration of the Bright Star Restaurant is such a  recently-minted relic. It’s a merry jumble of anecdotes and biographies, photographs and reminiscences designed to give the reader a glimpse at how one entrepreneurial business wound up lasting an entire century…and seems prepared to go for a second one.

      If you’ve never dined at the Bright Star Restaurant in Bessemer, Alabama, poring through this book may inspire you, anyhow—inspire you to look around and begin appreciating all the other family businesses you encounter each week—the shoe repair shop, the florist, the grocer, the newsstand—and begin to ask questions about how they managed to stay in business against all odds, against all retail-chain competition. They are all multi-storied.

      The stubborn shall inherit the earth, and most small businesses cling to life simply by keeping on keeping on, ignoring the naysayers, ignoring the former customers who drive fifteen miles thataway to purchase an item that is $2.00 less than the one you carry, ignoring the fact that many patrons living today have not experienced what it is like to deal with a proprietor who not only knows the stock and its pros and cons, but also is willing to share some friendly background information, willing to help you learn how to appreciate the product even more, willing to give you a smile and ask about your life, ask about your Mom’n’em, share your sadness and joy, before sending you on your way.

      Each and every small business that has managed to survive the decades deserves to be appreciated and celebrated. Each proprietor who has resisted all temptation to sell out and give up all the knowledge and expertise and wisdom absorbed through the years, deserves a moment of your time. There’s a story there, a tale to be told, and if you take the time to find a parking space and abandon the beaten track and go inside to really see, really listen, really experience that little piece of American history called the Small Independent Business, you’ll come away enriched and perhaps inspired to open your own little Shop of Independence.


      It’s good, not to have a boss.

      Take a look at the Bright Star book...take a look at the reminiscences scattered throghout Reed Books Antiques and then start recording what you know of the best and most deservedly cherished small businesses you know about. You just might be inspired to write your own book. 

      A Centennial Celebration of the Bright Star Restaurant. By The Bright Star Family with Niki Sepsas. With tributes by Richard Shelby and Gene Stallings. Xviii, 170 pp. Tuscaloosa : University of Alabama Press, 2007. ISBN: 978-0-8173-1598-6.  


      Jim Reed writes true stories and operates Reed Books Antiques/The Museum of Fond Memories in Birmingham , Alabama . His latest work appears in three recent books: An Alabama Christmas: 20 Heartwarming Tales by Truman Capote, Helen Keller, and More (Sweetwater Press), Whatever Remembers Us by Sue Brannan Walker and William Chapman (Negative Capability Press), and a Limited Edition of Christmas Comes But Once A Day (Blue Rooster Press). www.jimreedbooks.com


      --Jim Reed © 2008 A.D.





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