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Ala. author Frank Hollon/June 16

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  • Amos J Wright
    Hi Y All- Shooting on Frank Turner Hollon s screenplay, Barry Munday, has just finished. It was directed by Chris D Arienzo and has two dozen stars including
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 15, 2008
      Hi Y'All-

      Shooting on Frank Turner Hollon's screenplay, Barry Munday, has just finished. It was directed by Chris D'Arienzo and has two dozen stars including Patrick Murphy, Cybill Shepard and Billy Dee Williams. It'll be the end of the year before you'll be able to see his movie based on the book,  Life is a Strange Place. The good news is the wait to get a signed copy of The Wait is quite short

      Frank Turner Hollon will be at the Booksmith Monday signing copies of his newest release, The Wait. Critics have compared the writing in The Wait to Philip Roth and William Faulkner. We'll also have all previous titles of this brilliant south Alabama attorney, including  Life is a Strange Place.

      Monday, June 16        6:00 p.m.
      Frank Turner Hollon
      The Wait
      The Alabama Booksmith

      If you can't make it Monday but would like to purchase signed copies on our secure web site, click http://www.alabamabooksmith.com/NASApp/store/Product?s=showproduct&isbn=NB12560224&.

      Hope we'll see you at Barry Munday as well as this very Monday.

      The Booksmith Team
      The Alabama Booksmith
      2626 19th Place
      Homewood, AL 35209

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