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Ala. History/Authors in Montgomery

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      The Capitol Book Newsletter
      Wednesday, February 20, 2008
      Today's Contents:
      4.Mose T
      Alabama's Black Baptists 
      Our favorite recurring event is recurring again this week. It's called
      Architreats: Food For Thought, and it happens on the third Thursday of
      every month down at the Alabama Department of Archives and History on
      Washington Avenue. This month's speaker is Wilson Fallin, Jr., author of
      Uplifting the People: Three Centuries of Black Baptists in Alabama, a
      fascinating account of a church far different from its white
      counterpart. The program starts at NOON TOMORROW- THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 21
      DOWN AT THE ARCHIVES, and yes, we'll be there with copies of the book.
      For more information, call the Archives at 334-353-4712. The book is a
      $39.95 hardcover.
      Atomic Lobster 

      Tim Dorsey is a comic genius. He's now written 10 Serge Storms books,
      about 3,500 pages in all, and there's something really funny on every
      last page. Here are a few things reviewers have written of Tim's work:
      "Fiercely energetic, outrageously funny...imagine Hunter S. Thompson
      sharing a byline with Groucho Marx."--"Tampa Tribune
      "A violent, funny, hyperkinetic novel...where the bizarre is downright
      commonplace."--"Atlanta Journal-Constitution
      "A red-line, juking, jiving, manic, tequila-laced, triple-espresso ride
      through the flipped-out, ultra-scuzzy, bullet-between-the-eyes state of
      Florida...Wow, what a ride."--James W. Hall
      "Vulgar, violent, and gaudier than sunsets on the Keys, Dorsey's
      roadshow is some fun."--"The New York Times Book Review
      "Impossible as it sounds, Dorsey has muscled in on the big guns'
      territory and ripped the place upside down and inside out. Jittery,
      bizarre and utterly charming..."Roadkill" reads like Quentin Tarantino
      wrote it on a rum-and-speedball binge after baking too long in the
      ferocious August sun. Except Tarantino's characters are a bit tame in
      comparison to some of Dorsey's mangy minions."-- "Miami Herald
      "Dorsey's delightful novel belongs in the hands of anyone who likes the
      mix of Florida setting and black humor in the works of Leonard, Carl
      Hiassen, and Laurence Shames."-- "Booklist"
      "As entertainment, this rollicking, over-the-top novel is a blast."--
      "Publishers Weekly"
      We just say they're the funniest books we've ever read, and the new one,
      Atomic Lobster, is certainly no exception. Please come meet Tim
      Read the Montgomery Advertiser story about Tim by clicking HERE.
      Most folks never write a book. Most folks who do write a book, write
      only one book. Most folks who write two books usually have to wait a
      year or two between publication of the first book and the second book.
      Which makes it unusual when we say that on THIS SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 24,
      FROM 4 - 7 PM AT EL REY'S BURRITO LOUNGE, Montgomerian Kirk Curnutt will
      be signing copies of both of his two brand new books!
      One's a novel, Breathing Out The Ghost, a very dark story about a man
      whose young child has gone missing, and his descent into madness as the
      search drags on and on. This is a really gripping story, and if you want
      to get a feel for the feel you'll get reading this book, check out this
      Video Promotion of the book on YouTube.  ($24.95 hardcover)
      The second book is right much different. It's called Coffee With
      Hemingway, and what it is, is an imagined conversation with Ernest
      Hemingway in a Parisian cafe. It's an amazing little book, part of a
      series of imagined conversations with folks ranging from Michelangelo to
      Marilyn Monroe. Kirk is especially qualified to write this one, as he is
      a  member of the board of directors of the Ernest Hemingway Society.
      ($9.95 hardcover)
      These Sunday afternoon literary affairs at El Rey's are really lots of
      fun, which you will know if you come, which you should.
      Mose T Book Finally Arrives
      The copyright date is 2005,but don't let that fool you. Montgomery
      artist Anton Haardt's book about the life and art of Mose T is brand
      new, having just been published at the tail end of 2007, and only
      recently have enough copies arrived in town from the printer for us to
      feel comfortable announcing the book's availability.
      It's a slim volume, only about 75 pages, but the reproductions of Mose
      T's artwork are beautifully done, and Anton has provided not just a very
      nice essay about the life and works of Mose, and her long relationship
      with him, but some highly edifying little notes about each of the
      paintings in the book.
      This is a must-have book for everybody who owns any Mose T art. ($46
      Cheryl and Thomas Upchurch
      Capitol Book & News Company
      1140 E. Fairview Avenue
      Montgomery, AL 36106
      Voice 334.265.1473
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