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Alabama History/Culture in the News: 20-22 August & Bonus Material

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  • Amos J Wright
    NOTE: Materials in brackets are my additions. Items are listed more or less in reverse chronological order within each section. All links are working at the
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      Materials in brackets are my additions. Items are listed more or less in reverse chronological order within each section. All links are working at the time I send this email and post them to the web page listing. Some items are listed without links because I could not find online versions.


      Feel free to forward this email as desired....




      Additional articles can often be found at Google, Topix or Yahoo news sites:






      Please note that many articles continue beyond the single web page I have linked here. Web sites related to some articles often appear in the "Bonus Material" section.










      ** Alabama History Community Calendar

      **August 25, 2007 Meeting - Brother James A. Bryan & the Brother Bryan Mission

      The Birmingham Genealogical Society meets the fourth Saturday of each month (ex. Nov. & Dec.) in the Arrington Auditorium at the Downtown Birmingham Public Library. Guests are welcome!
      Next meeting: Saturday, August 25th at 2 p.m.; Refreshments at 1:30 p.m.
      Speaker: Linda Hartley, Executive Director, Brother Bryan Mission
      Program Topic: Brother James A. Bryan & the Brother Bryan Mission
      Details: www.birminghamgenealogy.org or BPL-Southern History Dept. at (205) 226-3665.
      James Alexander Bryan (1863-1941) could, and did, walk into any downtown office, school or shop, announce himself, drop to his knees and … pray. He would intercede on behalf of each and every person in the room, no matter how rough. And even those not normally given to public displays of piety would fall silent and drop their head. Bryan was the minister of Third Presbyterian Church on Birmingham ’s Southside. He was an “inept pulpiteer” and a poor administrator. But in a town and a time that largely viewed segregation as the divinely decreed social order, he was a civil-rights activist. He was a selfless and tireless advocate for the poor, establishing several outreaches to the homeless and to orphans, eclipsing the city’s most generous philanthropists in his service to those less fortunate. And he was humble, known to both the poor and the mighty as, quite simply, Brother Bryan.

      Bryan was an educated man who had taken his degree at Princeton . But he was a man who by all accounts viewed Christianity quite simply as something to be practiced, to be given away. He was so devoted to living the gospel that he often came home without his coat, having given it away. His practical devotion to the gospel earned him the sobriquet “religion in shoes.”

      When he died, Brother Bryan was eulogized far and wide as a man of unswerving integrity and indefatigable service to the poor. The city of Birmingham memorialized its beloved pastor by dedicating a statue that depicts him praying on his knees. It sits at a highly visible intersection near Five Points South, the city’s entertainment district and one of its most diverse and eclectic neighborhoods. It is the kind of place where one assumes the egalitarian old minister would have felt at home.

      But Bryan ’s greatest legacy to his community is found, as one would expect, in service to the poor. Near the end of his life, Brother Bryan asked a few of his closest friends to find a place that would take the poor and unwanted men of Birmingham off the streets and give them food and shelter. His friends granted his wish, and in 1940 the Brother Bryan Mission became Birmingham ’s first homeless shelter. Today, the facility houses more than 60 men and is described as a “long-term mission — a safe place where determined men can recover from depression, drug addiction, alcoholism and other related problems.” The mission has operated for more than 63 years without any financial support from the city, state or federal government. It is a fitting tribute, indeed, to the man who has become known as the “patron saint of Birmingham .”

      **Appearances by Alabama author Robert McCammon [he has a new novel coming out]

      October 23, 2007
      6:00 PM Central

      Alabama Booksmith

      2626 19th Place, South
      Birmingham, AL 35209
      Tel: 205-870-4242

      November 1, 2007
      7:00 PM Central

      The Hoover Public Library
      Presentation, reception, and signing

      200 Municipal Drive
      Hoover, AL 35209
      Reservations: 205-444-7840







      **Rankin's book gets rave reviews
      [John Rankin's  "Memories of Madison : A Connected Community, 1857-2007”]
      Huntsville Times 22 August 2007

      **Cable movie will depict, but not be filmed at, MMI
      [“The Pacific”, a follow-up to “Band of Brothers”]
      Tuscaloosa News 22 August 2007

      ** Civil War heroine [Emma Sansom] died 107 years ago
      Montgomery Advertiser 22 August 2007

      **Church bombing victim [Denise McNair] reburied
      Birmingham News 21 August 2007

      **Hank Aaron of Mobile joins state's Academy of Honor
      Birmingham News 21 August 2007

      **[James I.] Harrison inducted into honor academy


      Tuscaloosa News 21 August 2007


      **New gravesite for girl [Denise McNair] killed in '63 church bombing


      Montgomery Advertiser 21 August 2007


      **Hank Aaron still king in home state


      Montgomery Advertiser 21 August 2007

      **Yesterday’s News [in Mobile in 1857, 1907, etc.]
      August 22: http://tinyurl.com/29dzby
      August 21: http://tinyurl.com/352unn
      Mobile Press-Register


      **Marion Military Institute, meet Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg


      Tuscaloosa News 20 August 2007


      **Prescription for history

      Pharmacy has more than 400 historic photos of Phenix City


      Columbus Ledger-Enquirer 20 August 2007


      **ForgottenTrails: School history retold


      Brewton Standard 20 August 2007



      The sad demise of the Red Mountain Museum


      Birmingham Weekly 16-23 August 2007






      Athens singer [Bradley Walker] to return for Jerry Lewis telethon
      Huntsville Times 22 August 2007

      **[ Ala. author Rick] Bragg will look back, peek ahead
      Birmingham News 21 August 2007


      **[Harper] Lee breaks silence briefly at Academy of Honor ceremony


      Tuscaloosa News 20 August 2007







      **[no entries this issue]






      **Interview with Dr. Ed Bridges, director of the state archives on APT Sunday, August 19;
       you can view it online (or download and view on your PC) at:

      ** Chilton County Cemetery Association

      **Alabama Century and Heritage Farm Program

      URL:    http://birminghamgenealogy.wordpress.com

      TITLE:     Birmingham Genealogical Society Blog

      DESCRIPTION:     The Birmingham Genealogical  Society was organized March 15, 1959. It was organized exclusively for educational and research purposes, and to foster preservation of genealogical and historical material.The blog will have program news, local resources and other items of interest to genealogists and family history researchers.








      ** Alabama History Community Calendar






      ** Alabama County Historical & Genealogical Societies & Records Repositories



      ** Alabama Historical Association Marker Index



      ** Alabama History Resources on the Internet



      **activeculture.info [cultural events calendar for central Alabama ]



      **activeculture.info History Events



      **activeculture.info Literature Events





      **alabamahistory related links



      Listings since July 2002:


      Alabama History & Culture in the News



      Listings prior to that date are in the Yahoo archives.


      alabamahistory archives at Yahoo:








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